Vitamin C capsule & list of Vitamin C rich fruits- vegetable

Vitamin C capsule l Dangerous for our health! List of Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C capsule
Vitamin C capsule

Vitamin C capsule:-

Vitamin C capsule’s another name is Ascorbic Acid Capsules. If you have vitamin C deficiency then you can take this capsule to treat your deficiency. There are many Vitamin C in the market. The most famous is Ascorbic acid. Other forms of vitamin c capsules are Buffered vitamin C, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Topical vitamin C, Topical vitamin C.

Vitamin C -

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins which is a very essential vitamin for our body. It has an important role to fight with a virus or any other germs. It has been linked to improving our immunity system. It is a water-soluble vitamin that can find in many types of fruit and vegetables.
The daily recommendation of vitamin c is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

List of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables

There are many vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables available which can easily give Vitamin C to you more than your requirements. In below, you get a list of high rich vitamin c fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C vegetables

Name of Vegetable 
Vitamin C in 100gm of the food
Sweet Yellow Peppers


Mustard Spinach

89 mg
Chili Peppers

Kakadu plum

kakadu plum
Kakadu Plum

Vitamin C fruits

Name of fruits
Vitamin C in 100 gm of the fruit








Vitamin C Benefits :

1. It helps to reduce, chronic disease.
2. It may help to manage high blood pressure.
3. It can low risk of heart disease.
4. It will help to reduce Blood Uric Acid levels and help to prevent Arthritis.
5. It can treat your iron deficiency problem.
6. It also helps to improve the immunity level.  

When vitamin c capsule can be dangerous for our health?

Overdose of Vitamin C-

In previous, I already told that up to 90mg of vitamin C is enough for our health. But in Vitamin capsule have more than 500mg of vitamin C. If you are taking a vitamin c tablet, then you are taking 500mg to 100mg of vitamin c daily. 

If you have seriously vitamin c deficiency like methemoglobinemia than you can take this only if your doctor would prescribe you. Otherwise, if you want to take this without health-checkup you have to take the right amount of vitamin C according to your height and weight. 

If you do overdosage of vitamin c, it will increase the risk of hyperoxaluria. It is a serious health problem which can increase the risk of kidney stone. But it's very rarely happening.

Missed Dose of Vitamin C

If you forget to take your daily dosage of vitamin C, then take that as soon as you remember. Otherwise, skip that dose and keep going on your routine. Don’t take overdoses or 2 doses at the same time.

Side Effect of Vitamin C capsule

1. Upset stomach or a disorder of digestive function.
2. Diarrhea or vomiting
3. Redness on skin
4. Headache

Don’t take more than 2000mg of Vitamin C in a day. 
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