Bengali vegetarian Aloo posto recipe-Indian vegetarian dish

Aloo Posto recipe|Bengali vegetarian recipe| Indian vegetarian dish

Aloo posto recipe. Bengali vegetarian dish. Indian vegetarian dish.
Aloo Posto

About this recipe:-

Aloo Posto is a classic Bengali vegetarian dish which is made in every single Bengali family and every Bengali person loves this dish, it's maybe the easiest and the most flavourful dish among Bengali cuisine which you can prepare in just 20 minutes. And it requires very minimal ingredients to prepare it.

Poppy seeds called posto in Bengali, poppy seeds are
Poppy seeds
Poppy seeds
one kind of oil seeds this is coming from the dry fruits of a poppy plant. these seeds can be used in any dish some people like to to use it whole, or some use it to ground. It's very flavourful and gives the dish a little crunchiness. And also is actually potatoes, in Bengali potatoes are called Aloo.

Aloo Posto is an Indian vegetarian dish which goes very well with plain rice or ghee rice. It's a main course vegetarian Bengali dish, which is very famous among Bengalis.

So today I'm gonna share the entire recipe with step by step instructions, I am a Bengali too and this authentic Bengali recipe I have learned from my mother, she is a great cook and with this, she also taught me about some tips of making Aloo Posto, I'm gonna share those tips and tricks also with you.

So if you want to prepare it at home just follow the steps properly and don't forget to share your experience with us.
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1. Poppy seeds have a unique flavor of its own, that's why in this dish not too much spices are used, the only spice has been used in it is turmeric, but that's also in a very e little amount should be used otherwise it would overlap the actual taste of poppy seeds. Actually in authentic Bengali aloo posto Turmeric isn't used.

2. Panch phoron which is actually Indian 5 whole spice blend, it has a nice aroma of it, so when the oil heats up after that you should add this otherwise the real aroma of it can't come out properly.

Indian five spice blend
Indian whole spice blend

3. Panch phoron contains 5 types of Indian whole spices like Brown Mustard, Nigella, Fenugreek, Cumin, and Fennel. You can make it at home also, just add the same proportion of these 5 types of whole spices and the dry roasted it in a pan.

4. After adding the panch
Panch phoron
Panch phoron
phoron in the oil, you need to add the next ingredient little fast otherwise the whole spices would be burnt, and that would give a burnt smell in the dish.

5. You can use red chilli powder also instead of green chilies, but green chilies have a nice spicy fragrance, and it's also good for health. Using green chilies
Green chillies
Green chillies
gives an authentic Bengali flavor that you can't get from red chili powder. You can use both if you like your aloo posto much spicy.

6. The potatoes should be cut into little pieces so that it can properly soak the flavors and aroma of those little seeds.

7. You can use whole poppy seeds or can blend it, I
Poppy seed with green chillies
Poppyseed with green chilies
always prefer blending it with a little bit of water and 3-4 green chillies and then adding that mixture into the potatoes, cause my mother does that, and believe me that tastes heavenly.

Exact time to prepare Aloo posto:-

• Preparation- 10 minutes• Cook- 12-15 minutes• Total - 25 minutes• Serve- 4-5 person

Aloo posto
Aloo posto


1. Potatoes 4-5 (medium size)2. Poppy seeds 50 g3. Oil 2 tsp4. Panch phoron ½ tsp5. Turmeric powder ⅓ tsp6. Green chillies 3-47. Salt 2 tsp8. Water ½ cup

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• Take a pan to add 2 tsp of oil, once the oil heats up add ½ tsp of panch phoron or Indian five-spice blend, then with these add 4-5 potatoes which are cut in little cubes. Add some salt to taste and a little bit of turmeric powder at least ¼ tsp. Now stir it well and cover the pan for 5-6 minutes.

• It this time take 50 g of poppy seeds on a blender to add 1-2 tsp of water and 3-4 green chilies, you can add more or less it depends on how much spicy you want your alu posto. Then blend everything well. I prefer not to blend it too much, it should give a crunchy texture.

• After 5-6 minutes open the pan and check if the potatoes and nicely cooked or not if not then again Stir it and cover the pan for another 2-3 minutes.
Aloo posto
Aloo Posto
If it's done add the poppy seed mixture in it, and mix well.

• then add ½ cup of water if you want some gravy in it. If you want your aloo posto dry then no need to add any water. After adding the water mix it well and again covers the pan for 2-3 minutes. After 3 minutes open the pan and give it a stir and your authentic Bengali Aloo posto is ready to serve.


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Nutrients in aloo posto:-

This Bengali vegetarian recipe isn't unhealthy at all, cause it has fewer ingredients, one bowl of Aloo Posto has net 106 calories and 10.8 g carbs, and almost 6-7 g fats, which is not at all bad. And when it comes to taste it's always very delicious.

Bengali cuisine is very simple but tastes so good, maximum Bengali dishes are like comfort foods cause it doesn't feel heavy after eating at all cause it doesn't require so many ingredients to make.

Aloo Posto one of those comfort foods, it's a very famous and traditional Bengali recipe, which is favourite to every Bengali person.

Aloo posto with rice
Aloo Posto with rice

You can serve it as a main course dish at lunch or dinner with plain rice or with puri. And it will make everyone lick their plates.

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