Healthy Apple pie smoothie & Watermelon smoothie recipe

Apple pie smoothie. Watermelon smoothie. Smoothie recipe. PART-2

Health drink part 2

If you are on a diet, these smoothies are a great choice for you. There are different types of smoothies are available. But we make a list of healthy smoothie, which makes from vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are too much beneficial for your health. It gives you lots of vitamins and minerals which can help you to boost your immunity. All needed ingredients have listed below. Easily make this at home.    

Apple pie smoothie-


1. Roasted oats
2. Almond butter
3. Frozen chopped apple
4. Cinnamon
5. Vanilla Almond milk

Benefits of Apple pie smoothie :

Apple pie smoothie
Apple pie smoothie


 As a key ingredient, we have apple and almonds in this smoothie. Apple is a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Apple contains quercetin, which is a strong antioxidant that helps to protect our brain cells. Apple helps to fight cancer, helps to decrease diabetes, helps in digestion, helps to reduce blood pressure.

And almonds helps to maintain the health of heart, also helps to control your diabetes. Almond is a great food which helps in losing weight. This smoothie has lots of benefits and also helps you to weight loss and maintain your health.

Preparation :

Add everything into the blender, you'll get hydration from the apple, the almond butter will give you healthy fat and protein, cinnamon would give it an awesome taste, you can add any kind of liquid, vanilla almond milk, or oat milk goes well with it, but you can add normal water also. It's taste really good.

Watermelon smoothie-


1. watermelon
2. Cucumber
3. Basil leaves
4. Chia seeds
5. Lime juice
6. Coconut milk

Benefits of Watermelon smoothie :

Watermelon smoothie
Watermelon smoothie


 This smoothie is very much beneficial for your health. Watermelon helps you to decrease high blood pressure, it helps you to boost your immune system, it reduces heart disease and promotes weight loss. 

Basil leaves help to maintain dental health, promotes eye health and also a good source of vitamin K. Its also helps to heal skin problems and helps to cure fever effectively. Coconut milk is rich in antioxidants, it helps to prevent Anemia and coconut-milk is antibacterial and antiviral, that's why it helps to boost immunity.

 Most benefits you get from this ingredient which is chia seeds. Chia seeds have 2 times amount of potassium then a banana, it has 5 times more calcium than milk. Chia seeds have omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid in high quantity and it also has 2 times more protein than any other seed or grain.

Lime juice helps you to lose weight, helps in skincare and also a good source of vitamin C, it helps in joint care and helps you to maintain your heart health.


Blend it in a blender, the fresh cucumber and watermelon would be very refreshing, chia seeds will give Protein, you'll get healthy fat from coconut milk, you can also add almond milk into it. It's a great refreshing healthy drink for summer, it's very light and flavorful and tastes awesome.

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