Dalgona coffee at home recipe. Dalgona coffee history

Dalgona coffee at home recipe. Dalgona coffee history

Dalgona coffee
Dalgona coffee

Are you getting bored by being at home?
Or home quarantine is making you lazy? Then worry not. Here I have something which can help you for sure. Cause it's extremely interesting, it can give you energy and the main thing it's highly on trending now. It can brighten your day and cheerful.
If you use any social media you might know about this coffee Which has driven social media crazy, and everyone is making it at home but not everyone knows the real story behind this coffee.

Dalgona coffee history:-

We all know that it's a beverage that you can make by beating coffee with the same proportion of sugar and water and it will give a creamy consistency.
But do you know that the origin of this coffee is South Korea?
"Dalgona" this name came from a type of Korean honeycomb toffee. Once a South Korean actor Jung ll-woo, who was served a similar kind of beverage in a restaurant which reminds him of Korean toffee "dalgona".

He first made it and shared a video on social media and after that people went crazy and they make it viral and started making it at home and shared the videos and images all over on the media.
So if you also want to experience it at home and share it's image or video with #dalgonacoffeechallenge then why waiting! Just read the instructions carefully that I have given, and don't forget to share it with your friends and family before going viral.

My thoughts about Dalgona coffee:-

Although from when this coffee was going viral I didn't at all interested about it, it seems to be very similar to the Indian cappuccino cause their the same process we need to do, the main difference is that the cappuccino should be hot and here when it comes on dalgona coffee you can have it cold also. And the other difference is for Indian cappuccino you first need to take one or two spoons of whipped coffee mixture in your cup and then you need to add hot milk, and for dalgona coffee at first put the cold milk in a glass and then add the beaten coffee cream.
But after seeing everyone making it and share their experience on social media I wanted to make one for me also and wanted to experience how it tastes.
It's not a bad idea to have this coffee once a day or on a nice weekend, but I feel that it's a little bit wastage of your coffee and using too much sugar. I'm not telling it's bad but it isn't a healthy drink either. It's too much time consuming also, so for me my normal coffee is much more preferable.

Dalgona coffee recipe :

First talk about the ingredients-

Dalgona coffee mainly has 4 ingredients- 

  • Instant coffee,
  • Sugar,
  • Water,
  • Milk.

Which type of coffee should be used?

Instant Coffee Powder
Instant Coffee Powder

So for making Dalgona coffee, you cannot use ground coffee beans cause it won't create a smooth creamy texture which you will get from the instant coffee. Maybe it happens because of instant coffee goes through from a drying process and that's why it gives a foamy whipped cream appearance, after beating the coffee with the sugar and water, and it looks delicious.
You can have it hot or cold, I prefer cold one most.

Types of dalgona coffee:-

1. Classic dalgona coffee
2. Choco chip dalgona coffee
3. Cold dalgona coffee

Exact time to make dalgona coffee:-

1. Beat the coffee:- 10-15 minutes
2. Prepare:- 5 minutes
3. Serve:- 1

Equipment you need:-

• Hand whisk
• Or hand blender


1. 2 tsp of instant coffee
2. 2 tsp of sugar
3. 2 tsp of warm water
4. Milk
5. Ice cubes ( optional)


• The main thing to make this coffee is to beat the coffee with water and sugar, so first take 2 tsp of instant coffee in a bowl, add 2 tsp of sugar and 2 tsp of warm water. Now start whisking it with a hand whisk, until it starts making foamy consistency.

Dalgona coffee-preparation

• The easier way is to use a hand blender if you have one, it will take less time and courage to make it. When it starts getting creamy and thick, it would become lighter in color and thicker in texture.
• When you'll turn the bowl upside down the coffee whipped cream will stick in it and not fall over, which means your whipped coffee cream is ready and now prepare the milk.
• Take a grass or a mug, pour it half with warm milk. You can add some sugar or sweetener to it, to make it sweeter, then add the whipped cream on it. You can also add condensed milk. And your coffee would look gorgeous.

Many types of dalgona coffee recipes have there. You can easily make them. So we have listed several types of dalgona coffee recipes. Let's see them.

Other types of dalgona coffee:-

• Chocolate dalgona coffee:-

Chocolate Dalgona Coffee
Chocolate Dalgona Coffee

The recipe is same for this also you just need to add 2 tsp of cocoa powder after making the whipped cream and then mix well, if you want your coffee more chocolatey then add ½ tsp of cocoa powder in your milk as well, then put the whipped cream on the milk and sprinkle some choco chips on it.
If you don't have choc chips, take some milk chocolate cubes or dark chocolate and grate it and then sprinkle the grated chocolate on top of your dalgona coffee cream. It would look awesome and taste delicious and very chocolaty.
You can add chilled milk in it if you want it cold and can add some ice cubes also.

• Cold dalgona coffee:-

Cold Dalgona Coffee
Cold Dalgona Coffee

The recipe for this is also the same but if you want it cold you need to pour chilled milk in the glass, and then add 3-4 ice cubes, you can add more or less as your choice and then add the dalgona cream on top of the milk. And it will be yummy and chilling.

How many days you can store it:-

I prefer you to not to store it in the refrigerator, cause if it isn't stored properly it would get melted and get liquidy with the time, but still, you can store it up to 2-3 days. Just put it in an airtight container, cover it properly, and keep it in your fridge.

Although it's a good option to make it on a lazy weekend or to make it for guests, it would give a gorgeous look to your beverage and also tastes awesome.

As here you need to use the same proportion of sugar and coffee it would be a high-calorie drink, and high in fat also contains too many carbohydrates.

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Macro Nutrients of Dalgona coffee :

Dalgona coffee nutrients

Dalgona coffee has net:-

1. 18 g carbs
2. 7.7 g fat
3. 6.5 g protein
4. 166 calories

All of the given recipes are very easy to make. Follow them to make dalgona coffee at home easily. This dalgona coffee can energize your body and mind. So you can have it at any time, like in the morning or evening and keep feeling energetic.


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