List of top 5 biceps exercises at the gym. Biceps workout plan

List of top 5 biceps exercises at the gym. Biceps workout plan

Top 5 exercises for biceps
Top 5 exercises for biceps

Hey, guys in this article you are going to know, Top 5 exercise for biceps. These top 5 bicep workout plans will help you to develop that peak so stay tuned and let's get a start. All of these are the best 5 exercises for biceps.

In our List of top 5 biceps exercise at gym, we have,

1. Standing curl
2. Dumbbell curl
3. Hammer curl
4. Dumbbell Concentration curl
5. Spider curl

1. Standing curl : 

  This is the first exercise on our list to develop biceps.
Top 5 bicep exercise-standing curl
standing curl
In this exercise, you have to take your wrist down up to 70 percent and then lift your wrist upwards and squeeze your elbows to the sides of your body. After lifting your wrist and squeezing your elbows, you can definitely see your peaks really popping out. You need to do 4 sets of this exercise. You can do lower reps or high reps, that depends upon you and your workout plan.

2. Dumbbell curl :

Dumbbell curl
Dumbbell curl

 This is our 2nd exercise from our list for building stronger biceps and easily make your biceps bigger. You must choose the dumbbell curl as your 2nd exercise.
It is a very effective exercise to bulk your biceps. You need to bring the dumbbells to the center of your chest instead of just up to the sides of your body. In this exercise, you have to try to rotate your wrist while lifting up the dumbbells. The more you rotate wrist towards the ceiling is gonna bring up the contraction of that peak of biceps more.

 3. Hammer Curl :

Top 5 bicep exercise-Hammer curl
Hammer curl

The third exercise is gonna be Hammer curl. This exercise is one of my favorite exercises. Hammer curl helps you to build your strong biceps and forearms. In this exercise, hold the dumbbells in each hand and keep your palm face to your body. Lift your arms by bending your elbows. Lift dumbbells up to shoulder level and hold the contraction. Then slowly take your dumbbells down.

4. Dumbbell Concentration curl :

Top 5 bicep exercise-Dumbbell concentration curl
Dumbbell concentration curl 

 Dumbbell concentration curl is one of the popular exercises to build biceps and it's more often performed seated on a bench. You might have seen these before but most of them, doing wrong. In this exercise, don't use momentum to lift, use leverage to get that dumbbell up and try to keep your arm horizontal. This exercise will help you to place maximum tension on the muscle and you will get a great peak in your biceps.

5. Spider curls :

Top 5 bicep exercise-spider curl
Spider curl

 Spider curl is one of the best exercises to make your biceps stronger. You can do something different with spider curl. Dumbbell hammer style spider curl is more effective than normal spider curl. In this exercise, you need to push those dumbbells together and squeeze them on top. Hold that contraction and don't use momentum.

Set/Rep for every exercise

  • In the 1st set - Do 12 reps.
  • In the 2nd set- Do 10 reps.
  • In the 3rd set - Do 10 reps.
  • In the 4th set - Do 8 reps.

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