Patishapta recipe . Indian sweet creamy dessert

Patishapta recipe . Indian sweet creamy dessert
Patishapta pitha

Patishapta is a very famous Bengali pitha recipe. it's actually a thin pancake made with rice flour and usually stuffed with milk kheer or caramelized coconut.

'Pitha' is one type of rice cake which are very famous all over in India. Specially it's a sweet dish but it has lots of variations among every States.

In Bengali household, we made Patishapta pitha during winter days, and especially on "Poush parbon" which is also called "Poush Sankranti". It's actually a Rice harvest festival, which is celebrated especially in West Bengal. In this day we start making 'Pitha' at our house, and it's a dish which is favourite to every Bengali person.
There are a dozen of sweet dishes or Pitha made at this time, and the most common ingredient in all these Indian desserts is jaggery.

In Bengali we call jaggery as "Gur", it's very sweet and has a delicious smell, it can be used as an alternative of sugar in any sweet dish.

Jaggery or Gur is widely
 Nolen gur
Nolen gur
 available in West Bengal every time but during the winter season, the special "Nolen Gur" is available here, "Nolen" means new, and it's mainly 2 types hard one and liquid one , the hard one is called "Patali Gur" , as the liquid one is called nolen gur.
It's not available at other times of the year. And it's a
Patali Gur
Patali Gur
very important ingredient in an authentic Bengali Pitha recipe. But not just in "poush sankranti", or winter season you can make Pitha at home any time, and any kind of jaggery can be used also.

Patishapta is one kind of pitha, which is extremely delicious and very simple to make at home.
There are many kinds of stuffing used in it, but the most popular ones are using delicious homemade kheer or some caramelized coconut stuffing, which includes jaggery, milk and some spices also.

For making the rice cake of the pitha, we usually use readymade rice flour, but traditional patishapta recipe would include soaking rice overnight, which is then grinded into a smooth paste, and used as a batter for the pancake.

There are 2 steps in a patishapta pithe recipe, which are preparing the stuffing and preparing the batter for the rice pancakes, and you just need very minimal ingredients to prepare it.

 I will share two types of patishapta recipe here, which includes two different types of stuffing, first one is Patishapta pithe with kheer and the second one is Patishapta recipe with coconut.

Both of these are very delightful, and if you are a sweet lover, then this Bengali dessert, would be a treat for your sweet cravings.

So if you also want to know, how to make patishapta at home, then follow all the given instructions by my, and also don't forget to follow the tips given here. It would help you to make a perfect and delicious patishapta . And also don't forget to leave your precious feedback below.

Patishapta pitha with kheer:-

Kheer which is called Khoya
Patishapta pitha with Kheer
Patishapta pitha with kheer
or Mawa also. If you don't know what is kheer, it's actually milk kheer, which is made by boiling milk for a long time, and also adding some sugar to caramelize it, and give it a light brown colour. And it also needs to be boiled until the milk gets thick and creamy. It just contains 2 ingredients.
At the place of sugar, sometimes jaggery or Gur is also used, it's very tasty. This milk kheer is used in many Bengali desserts, like you can make Kheerer Sondesh, or Kheer kordom, or can use it as a stuffing for your Pitha recipe.
So am gonna share Milk kheer recipe also, it's very easy, so if you wondering how to make Milk kheer, then follow my given instructions, and first prepare the tasty Milk kheer for the Patishapta stuffing.

Ingredients for Patishapta batter:-

1. Rice flour 2 cups
2. Maida 1 cup
3. Jaggery/ Nolen gur 8 tablespoon
4. Salt to taste


• First take a bowl and add 2 cups of rice flour, 1 cup maida or all-purpose flour, and a little bit of salt. Then mix it well, now add 6 tablespoons of jaggery or gur, just add some water with the jaggery and when it melts properly let the mixture cool down and then add into the rice flour.

• Now mix it well and then add water, you need to add water until the mixture gets runny, and also it needs to mix well so that there won't be any lumps in the mixture. It would take almost 1½ cup of water, but it depends upon you. When you'll feel that no lumps are there, and the batter isn't very thick, then it's ready.

Some tips:-

1. It's important to add some maida or all-purpose flour with the rice flour, for making the batter, cause if you'll use only rice flour, the rice pancake would get hard and can break also at the time of folding. Also, don't forget to add a little bit of salt.

2. You can use sugar instead of jaggery also, for that you need to add ⅓ cup of sugar in it. And there are 2 types or jaggery or Gur, one is liquid, and the other one is hard. For using both of these first you need to mix it with some water, and melt on a medium-low flame, and then add into the rice flour so that it would mix with the batter properly.

2 types of Patishapta pitha stuffing:-

1) Milk kheer recipe-

Milk kheer or khoya
Milk kheer or khoya

Ingredients for Milk kheer :-

1. Full-fat milk 1.5 litres
2. Suger ½ cup / 65 grams
3. Flour/ maida 1 teaspoon


• Take a big pan, then add the
Suger with milk
milk into it. And allow it to boil on a high flame, when the milk starts boiling at a half cup of sugar into it, give it a nice mix, and then start stirring the milk, and keep boiling also. Keep stirring the milk and boiling for at least 60-70 minutes.

• After almost 60 minutes, when the milk starts getting
Milk kheer or khoya
Milk kheer
thicker, scrap the sides of the pan well, so that it won't stick, and again keep stirring it. After 70-80 minutes when the milk is thick enough, add some starch. Just add 1 teaspoon flour into 1 tablespoon milk, mix well and add it into the kheer.

• Then mix the milk kheer well, and again cook for 10 minutes until it gets light brown in colour, don't forget to scrape the sides of the pan. And when it's thick enough your Milk Kheer or khoya or mawa is ready.

Some tips:-

1. To prepare milk kheer you always need to use full-fat milk or full cream milk, otherwise, it won't give the thick and creamy texture of khoya kheer or mawa.

2. When preparing Kheer, you need to keep stirring and scraping the sides of the pan, cause when it starts getting thick, it sticks on the pan, if you won't scrap it from the first it would burn.
Milk kheer preparation
Milk kheer preparation

3. As I have used 1 tsp maida in it, cause using some starch or flour, makes the Khoya thicker and gives it a nice texture, but you can skip adding it if you want.

4. You can add jaggery instead of sugar also, and also some whole garam masalas like cardamoms, cinnamon or cloves can be used for some additional aromas.

2) Caramelized coconut recipe:-

Caramelized coconut stuffing
Caramelized coconut stuffing


1. Grated coconut 3 cups
2. jaggery 1 cup
3. Cardamoms 4-5
4. Cinnamon stick 2-3
5. Salt


• Add 3 cups of shredded coconut into a pan, add 1 cup of jaggery, 2 pinch of salt, 4-5 cardamoms, 2-3 Cinnamon sticks, then start mixing it on a medium-low flame until the jaggery melts properly and mix well with the coconut.

• When the jaggery is melted, stir it well until it gets thick. When everything is mixed properly, and the coconut is caramelized well, turn off the flame, your coconut stuffing is ready.

Some tips:-

1. You can use milk in it also and can mix some kheer or khoya into it, but I prefer it simple and easy so I do not use any milk or mawa into it.

2. When you are stirring it always keep it on a medium-low flame, otherwise, the jaggery can be burnt from the bottom, and it would spoil the taste of it.

Preparing Patishapta pitha:-

Folding Patishapta
Folding Patishapta

• Now it comes to the main part, when you have to stuff your Patishapta pitha with milk kheer or coconut stuffing, for that take a pan and add ¼ tsp of oil in it, now lower the flame and add 2 tablespoons of the rice flour batter, using a spoon or by moving the pan give it a round shape.

• After that leave it on a low flame for 4 to 5 seconds until the surface of the pancake gets dry, then add the stuffing of your choice, follow the image to see how to add the stuffing, now by using a spoon fold the pancake onto the stuffing. And when and it's completely folded your Patishapta pitha is ready.

Gurer Patishapta
Gurer Patishapta

Some tips:-

1. It's the most important part of Patishapta recipe, you always need to keep the flame lower so that the pan doesn't too much hot and the batter won't stick with it. For that reason you can use a non-stick pan, it would really help you.

2. Do not add the stuffing before the pancake surface gets dry, and always add the stuffing little inside from the edges of the pancake.

3. Use very less amount of oil when cooking the pancake, and you can use a big spoon for using the same amount of batter for each pancake.

It's a very famous Indian dessert, which is also a Bengali sweet dish, and among all types of Bengali desserts, pithe is the most popular one which wishes you also. Patishapta is maybe the easiest Pitha recipe according to me, it's very simple to prepare and also it isn't too much time-consuming.


If you have a sweet tooth then try this dessert also just with some bread, make delicious bread pudding without oven.

Caramel bread pudding
Caramel bread pudding

So if you love sweets and you are also a foodie like me then you have to try it at home, and this delightful Indian dessert would absolutely satisfy your sweet tooth.

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