Fennel tea for weight loss. How to make and Benefits of Fennel seed.

Fennel tea for weight loss

Fennel tea for weight loss:

If you want to lose some weight there are few ways, we all know like maintaining your daily diet, exercising regularly and so on. But this is a gradual process that would require time to show a result. Also, you need to remember that these processes require commitments. Besides all these, you need to make small changes in your daily routine regularly, like not just healthy breakfast lunch and dinner you need to include healthy drinks also in your daily diet. Yes, you heard right there are some drinks which affect our weight loss also, it would detox your body as well as increase your metabolism also, and eventually will help you to shed some extra calories. 

Today we are going to talk about one of those drinks which are great for weight loss. Fennel tea benefits or Fennel-soaked water benefits, so the first thing we need to know is what is it?

Fennel is an Indian Spice that is widely used as a mouth freshener and is also used in many Indian cuisines. These seeds are long and pale green or brown, it has a crunchy texture and has a sweet and warm and refreshing aroma and taste.   

How to make Fennel tea for weight loss? 

Boil 1 cup water then add 1 tablespoon of fennel seed in it, turn off the flame and let it sit for 5 minutes, or soak 1 tablespoon of fennel seed into 1 cup of normal water and leave over-night. 

Benefits of Fennel seed:

Fennel seeds are a great source of antioxidants, minerals and fibre. Fennel is also known as “Saunf” in Indian. It has various health benefits as it is highly nutritious, it regulates blood pressure, and it contains potassium, which helps to control blood pressure and heart rate. As fennel seed contains high fibre it helps to detox your body and purify your blood. Fennel seeds contain polyphenol antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight various bacteria and viruses.

Fennel seeds
Fennel seeds

Fennel seed is also beneficial for our skin as it contains minerals, it provides a natural glow to our skin, and it has a cooling and soothing effect which helps to treat dryness or skin rashes. It provides good eyesight as it contains a good amount of vitamin A, it contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce bloating and also treats indigestion and as it is high fibre it helps to treat constipation also.

Fennel seeds contain Vitamin K, Vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and phosphorus, and also Vitamin C


Fennel seed Benefits in Weight loss:

This tiny seed contains so many benefits and advantages in it as you know already, weight loss is one of those. You can add these to your regular diet to lose some extra calories, if you are wondering how actually fennel seeds help you to lose weight, here are some points which you should know about these power-packed little seeds.

  • Fennel seeds are high in fibre, so it prevents you from overeating and also decreases your appetite, it will keep your stomach full for longer and will lead to consuming fewer calories which will help you to lose weight.
  • Fennel seeds contain diuretic properties and it’s also full of antioxidants which helps to detox your body, so eventually, it will help you to become thinner. Having fennel tea once a day would be great to detoxify your body and improve your digestive health.
  • Fennel seeds boost our metabolism and help in digestion, which would contribute to weight loss. Cause when our metabolism is good, the calorie we consume is more rapidly used by our cells to produce energy, having fennel tea in the morning will help that.

So, these are the main reasons why fennel tea can help us to lose weight, now there are a few questions like 

When should we drink fennel water for weight loss and how much?

You can have 2 glasses of fennel water or fennel tea a day for best results, in the morning in an empty stomach would be much helpful full so that it will get the chance to kick-start your metabolism if its taste bothers you can add some lemon juice or honey in it as well.

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