Most easy morning workout to lose belly fat within 1 week

Most easy morning workouts to lose belly fat within 1 week

Most easy morning workouts to lose belly fat within 1 week

Stop snoozing your alarm and tie up your shoes, it's time for some morning workouts to lose belly fat within 1 week. 

Here are some extremely effective fat burning exercises, which will strengthen your core, and burn your belly fat. You can do all these exercises at home and without any pieces of equipment. 

You just need to do these exercises daily and be consistent and you will see visible differences within a week.

‌Jumping Jacks 

Jumping Jacks are physically or full-body exercises which is also a great warm-up for our body. You need to jump with your legs and hands wide open.

The higher and faster you jump the more effective it would be. It includes all the lower body muscles and strengthens our legs, hips and glutes. 

‌Jumping jacks
‌Jumping jacks

And not just that it also strengthens our bones. ‌

Jumping jacks exercise improves cardiovascular fitness which decreases the risk of cardiac diseases.

It's a very easy workout without any type of equipment. You can include 30 seconds of jumping Jacks in your daily workout.

Mountain climber

Mountain climber is a great exercise for core strength, it is also cardio exercise that will make your heart beat faster. It mainly focuses on your upper body strength. It will get your abs on fire cause it mainly engages your core, it's a great bodybuilding exercise.

Mountain climber
Mountain climber

How to do Mountain climber exercise :

First, you need to be in a plank position, then bring your alternate knee to your chest, speeding up this you would be running against the floor. 

Repeat this by switching your legs and breathing normally. 

While doing this exercise your back needs to be straight and your shoulders should be right over your wrist. 

To avoid injuries you need to perform this correctly without any error. 


It's a very important exercise to strengthen your core and lose belly fat. Plank is a strength-building exercise that engages a range of muscles of our body. It also improves balance, and stability. You should include it in your daily workout routine.


How to do Plank :

First lay on your yoga mat face down, your forearms and toes should be on the floor. Your forearm should be facing forward and your elbows are should be exact under your shoulders.

Keep your spine straight and engage your core, your head should be relaxed and you would be looking at the floor.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. For beginners it won't be easier, so you can start with 10-20 seconds then extend the time as per your capacity.

Do not arch your back, focus on your core, keep your hips straight and glutes engaged.  

Inchworms exercise

Inchworms exercise is also a great warm-up to strengthen your workout.

Inchworms exercise targets your entire body and stretch your core muscles. It targets your triceps, chest, should, hips and glutes, and mainly your abdominal muscles. 

Inchworms exercise
Inchworms exercise

It may look easy but it will leave a great impact on your major body muscles. Don't forget to include this exercise in your daily exercise. 

How to do Inchworms exercise :

First, stand straight on your yoga mat with your hands facing down to the floor. Start walking forward with your hands away from your feeds and enter in a high plank position. 

Then crawl back with your hands into the previous standing position. Repeat this 10-15 times.

Heel touch

Heel touch exercise mainly targets your oblique muscles and strengthen your core. Heel touch exercise also increases our stability and flexibility. 

Heel touch
Heel touch

Beginners can start with 20 reps at a time or can do it for 30 seconds daily.

How to do Heel touch exercise :

Lay down with your back on the floor then bend your knees, point towards the ceiling. 

Then engage your core, raise your shoulders slightly off the ground. Bend your spine side by side with your hands and try to touch your heels, each hand at a time then back up and switch. Focus on your core. Do not let your lower back make you bend. 

Leg raises

Leg raises exercise is very easy. This exercise helps to strengthen your legs and lower abdomen muscles, stretches the calf muscles and glutes. It's a great exercise to lose belly fat. You can add this exercise to your daily workout for 30 seconds.

Leg raises
Leg raises

How to do Leg raises exercise :

You need to lie down on your yoga mat straight and keep your legs together and straight.

Then lift your legs together up from the ground towards the ceiling until your hips come off the floor. 

Hold this for a couple of seconds then slowly lower your legs back just above the floor. 

Hold for a moment and again repeat. 

Russian Twist

Russian twist exercise is kind of having the same benefits as heel touches, its strength and oblique and core muscles as well as increases the state stability of the spine.

Russian Twist
Russian Twist

It helps to burn calories and improve balance and posture. 

How to do the Russian Twist exercise :

Lie down with your knees bent on the floor and make a v shape with your upper body up from the ground. Twist your upper body to the right with your hands and then twist to the left. 

Repeat this motion for at least 20 reps and breathe normally.


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‌Bicycle crunch

‌The bicycle crunch is a great fat-burning exercise for your upper abdomen and oblique muscles. It also helps to tone your thighs and strengthen your glutes. Do at least 20-30 reps each day.

‌Bicycle crunch
‌Bicycle crunch

How to do ‌Bicycle crunch exercise :

First lie straight on your yoga mat then lift your legs and your shoulders a little bit from the ground, keep your hands behind your head, only your lower back should be touching the floor. 

Then touch your right knee with the left elbow and do the same with your opposite elbow and knee. 

Bring one knee up to touch the opposite elbow and it will make a bicycle in pedal motion. During this exercise slowly exhale and inhale. 


What type of workout is best for the morning?

Cardio workouts in the morning are the best to kick-start your day.

You can go for a run or jog for 30 minutes, or you can do exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, mountain climbers etc.

Which will increase your heart rate, and so your metabolism. It will help you in appetite control which can provide you energy throughout the day.

How many jumping jacks should I do a day?

There is no exact amount of doing jumping Jacks in a day. You just need to include it in your regular workout cause it is a great warm-up exercise. 

But we can say for beginners reps of 10 to 15 jumping jacks would be great and you can increase the numbers to 30 eventually. 

Can you lose weight by doing mountain climbing?

Mountain climbing is one of the best fat burning exercises which targets your belly fat and abs, it's a great calorie-burning cardio exercise and it also helps to tone your legs. 

You just need to keep your core engage, for beginners 20 reps should be done each day for each leg, it can be increased eventually for an advanced workout routine. It will give you a visible difference within 1 week. 

How long should a beginner hold a plank?

In begging it would be tough for you to hold a plank for more than 20-30 seconds. Eventually, you need to increase the time to 60 seconds.

What are the benefits of inchworm exercise?

It's a great cardio exercise it strengthens our core and arm as well as improve sir posture and flexibility, it is great for full-body strength.


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How many reps of bicycle crunches should I do?

We should do 15-20 reps, in 3 sets of bicycle crunch in a day. You can take a rest for 30 seconds in between.

What is heel touches good for?

Heel touches are most effective for core strength and obliques, it includes upper and lower abs. 

Which muscles do leg raises work?

Leg rice exercise targets many muscle groups in our body like upper and lower abs, hips, glutes and lower back muscles.

How many calories does Russian twist burn?

Burning calories doesn't work like that, it depends on how intense your workout is. Most of the exercises burn 100 calories every 10 minutes. 

Which exercise is best in the morning?

Some of the best exercises to keep start your morning are plank, crunches, push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, leg raises.

‌Maintaining a proper diet with exercises is the key to getting fat loss. Check out healthy drinks for your energetic day.