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Best Post Workout Meal in India
Best Post Workout Meal in India

Post-workout meals
play a key role in our workout, it's very important to recover the damaged muscle fibres after exercise, and for that, a proper post-workout meal should contain a good amount of protein which will help you to gain the muscle fibres again, it should also contain some carbohydrates so that you can regain the energy you have lost during the workout, and it should be very less in fat, cause we know that fat slower the process of absorbing protein in our body.

Post-workout meals should be:

> High in protein.

> Medium in carbs.

> Very low in fat.

Here is the list of the post-workout meal for Indian

Egg white:  

Have 5-6 boiled egg whites with any fruits, like dates or banana or any fruit of your choice which have some carbs. Try to avoid the egg yolks cause high in fat. 

You can have scrambled whites also and can add some spices to make it tastier. It's a great option to have some protein with very fewer efforts.

Whey protein: 

This is also a very good option to have some protein after working out, 1 scoop of whey protein can be healthy for men and women too, have any kind of whey protein, start one scoop of whey protein into a glass of milk ok and have it, and if you are allergic to dairy products you can have it with plain water also.

Whey protein
Whey protein

You can have a type of fruit with your whey protein to add some extra nutrients. 

Besan ka chilla: 

Add 2 tbsp of besan into a bowl, then add some salt and pepper to taste, you can add any spices of your choice, and add some chopped vegetables. Mix it with some water, mix until you get a runny batter. Add some oil into the pan and then make some pancakes from the batter.


Besan contains good carbs and fibers, you can add some paneer or soya bean in the batter to add extra protein.

Chicken fried rice: 

Chop 100 gram boiled chicken breast, add 1 tbsp olive oil into the pan, add some chopped vegetables like carrots, Bell pepper, onions and garlic. Saute for 2 min, then add the chicken, you can add some chilli sauce to taste, add salt and pepper. Then add 1 cup of cooked brown rice, mix well and your healthy chicken fried rice is ready. 

Boiled Chicken
Boiled Chicken

It contains protein as good carbs also, as you are using brown rice. And for vegans out there, you can add boiled soybean into the place of chicken. It will be equally healthy and tasty.

Bean sprouts salad: 

Add 1 cup of soaked bean sprouts into a bowl, add some chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes into it, add some salt and pepper to taste, you can add chaat masala also for some extra flavour. Mix well and it's ready.

Bean sprouts
Bean sprouts

It's very nutritious and also easy to make any time, you can also add some olive oil, and can add boiled potatoes also for extra carbs.

Last but not the least, you can have black coffee or tea also after work out, with your post-workout meal, to get extra energy, but it's very important to avoid any kind of beverages if you are working out in the evening. And it's important to include seasonal fruits and vegetables into your daily meals to get effective results.

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