Best Pre Workout Meal in India | Easy to make

Best Pre Workout Meal in India
Best Pre Workout Meal in India

The most common mistake we make while working out is doing a workout on an empty stomach. It is applicable for both who want to gain muscle or want to lose fat. If you're not getting a proper pre-workout meal, then your workout not going to make much difference in your body.

When we exercise on an empty stomach, our energy levels are low. So we can't get a better result from our workout. 

A proper pre-workout meal should be:

‌> High in complex carbohydrates

‌> Medium in protein

‌> Very less in fat  

High carbohydrates give you energy for the workout. Protein has amino acid which protects our muscle fiber from damage. Fat needs to be minimum cause it slowers the process of protein absorption in our body. So you need to intake a very less amount of fat before working out.

‌Pre-workout meals in India:

‌Sweet potato chaat:             

Add some yogurt into boiled sweet potatoes, add salt and pepper to taste, and it's ready.

‌Sweet potato chaat
‌Sweet potato chaat

Sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates which gives you energy during exercise, you can use regular potatoes also, but sweet potatoes are always a healthier option. 

‌Chana chaat:

Add some chopped cucumber and tomato to it, add some salt and pepper to taste, and it's ready to have. 

‌Chana chaat
‌Chana chaat

Channa contains a good amount of complex carbohydrates, it's also high in protein, and very less in fat, which is a great option for a pre-workout meal.

‌Peanut butter sandwich:

Spread 1 spoon full of peanut butter into 2 bread slices, add some chopped bananas, and a very tasty yet healthy pre-workout snack is ready.

‌Peanut butter sandwich
‌Peanut butter sandwich

Peanut butter is full of complex carbohydrates and protein, very less in fat, but make sure to use whole grain bread or brown bread, or as an alternative you can use atta roti also, which contains fiber, and bananas are optional, you can add it for some more carbs. 

‌Oat smoothie:

Add ½ cup milk into the blender, add 1 banana, 2 scoops of regular oats, 1 spoon of peanut butter, 2 chopped dates, 2 spoons of soaked chia seeds.

‌Oat smoothie
‌Oat smoothie

You can replace milk with normal water if you want your smoothie to be dairy-free and can add organic honey for sweetness. This smoothie is full of healthy carbs and protein and fiber also. Although Very easy to make.

You can check out more oat smoothie recipe- 


Add 2 scoops of regular oats into 1 cup yogurt, topped with your favorite dry fruits, or you can add chopped bananas and apples. And it's ready.


This meal also high in carbs and protein. You can add any of your favorite dry fruits for more healthy fat and carbohydrates.

There are some important things to remember when you are eating before working out, those are if you have a good metabolism then you can have meals which contain some healthy fats like peanut butter and dry fruits. Otherwise, it would be better for you to ignore those snacks, cause fat slower the process of absorbing protein in your body, you can have the ones with less fat, like Channa chaat and aloo chat.



Can you eat boiled eggs before a workout?

Eggs are high in protein and contain essential amino acids that help to repair the damaged muscle fibres, caused by an intense workout. So having eggs before a workout isn't a bad choice. 

Try to avoid egg yolks, cause its high in fat which lowers protein absorption.

How many bananas should I eat before a workout?

As bananas are high in carbs, Having 1-2 bananas before 30 mins of workout can be beneficial, it maximizes your energy. Although it depends on how intense your exercises are. 

What is the best time to eat before exercise?

Eating before 30-40 mins of workout can be the best, you don't need too much food just try to combine high carb, less fat and protein in your pre-workout meal.

Although it does depends on your metabolism.

Is Black Coffee Good for a gym?

Black coffee contains antioxidants and increases our metabolism, also it helps to burn fat and boost our energy, so having coffee before the gym can be great. Although if you are working out at night try to skip it.

What is a good pre-workout drink?

One of the best pre-workout drink is black coffee, which is very affordable as well as effective. Add 1 tablespoon black coffee into 1 cup warm water, mix well and have it before 30 mins of workout.

What should I eat before workout India?

5 pre-workout meal ideas in India

• Peanut butter sandwich with banana

• Yogurt with oats and dry fruits

• Aloo chaat 

• Roasted chickpeas

• Oat smoothie