Pav bhaji --Famous Indian Vegetarian recipe

Pav bhaji recipe

Pav bhaji recipe. Indian vegetarian recipe
Pav bhaji

About Pav bhaji:-

Pav bhaji is very famous street food, an Indian vegetarian recipe, which is especially consisting of small buns or soft bread rolls served with a thick mashed vegetable curry.
And topped with a generous amount of butter, chopped red onions and lemon juice.

It is especially Maharashtrian street food and you can find it all over at Mumbai streets
Pav bhaji at Mumbai streets
Pav bhaji at Mumbai streets
but it is famous all over in India.
And you can easily get this at anywhere in India but Mumbai's pav bhaji test so mouth-watering that you can not ever forget it.

Nowadays pav bhaji is available at Kolkata also Bengali I cannot get the famous Mumbai pav bhaji every time.

 That's why I decided to prepare it at home. And I also made the special pav bhaji masala. This masala is easily available in markets you can buy it or can make it at home easily also.

I personally feel that homemade masala taste much better than the readymade ones so I made it at home and I'm gonna share the recipe of pav bhaji masala also.

When I made pav bhaji at home it came out really very delicious that I decided to share the recipe with you.
the curry of pav bhaji is full of mashed vegetables and Indian spices the curry is not just spicy but also has a deliciousness. And the colour it gives the pav bhaji that looks gorgeous.

The curry is called bhaji and not just lots of veggies this curry includes a good amount of butter and spices also which makes it more delightful.

The pav or Indian bread rolls are also widely available at markets today I am going to share the authentic Mumbai pav bhaji recipe.
Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji

If you didn't have pav bhaji before then you are really missing out something, try this recipe at home and don't forget to share your experience with us.

If you follow the steps properly I have given you be licking your fingers after trying it. If you like this recipe please do share with everyone and don't forget to visit our website for more delicious Indian recipes.

Exact time to prepare Pav bhaji:-

Preparation- 20 minutes
Cook- 30 minutes
Total- 50 minutes
Serve- 4-5 person

About the ingredients:-

1. Vegetables:-

one of the most important ingredients 
Veggies for pav bhaji
Veggies for pav bhaji
of pav bhaji is the veggies in the curry. Especially the veggies which are used fir pav bhaji are cauliflower, peas, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and capsicum. The veggies are first sauteed in the butter along with some Indian spices and then mashed well followed by the pav bhaji masala.

2. Butter:- 

The second most important ingredient
of pav bhaji is the butter. In pav bhaji, I a generous amount of water is used, which makes it more powerful and mouth-watering. You can lower the amount of butter by using some oil along with it, but Pav bhaji cannot be made without butter.

3. Pav bhaji masala:- 

Then the masala which gives the
Homemade pav bhaji masala
Homemade pav bhaji masala
pav bhaji finger licking taste and a delightful aroma is the special pav bhaji masala you can easily buy from the market, and it's very easy to make at home also. It's actually the mixture of several Indian whole spices which are roasted and then blended together.

4. The pav:- 

Pav is actually Indian soft
Pav or bread rolls
Pav or bread rolls
bread rolls which you can buy from any bakery, in this recipe the pav are toasted with butter and some spices to make it more flavoursome and tasty, always use fresh bread rolls for the pav bhaji.

Some tips:-

1. The bhaji of pav bhaji can be made in many ways like you can first saute the vegetables and when it's cooked, then mash it with the spices and the temper the veggies mixed with onions, ginger garlic and pav bhaji masala. And again mix everything well by mashing together.

2. And the 2nd way is you can
Boiling vegetables
Boiling vegetables
boil all the veggies first and make the gravy and add the cooked veggies and mash everything followed by the pav bhaji masala and other spices.

3. I found the second one more time saving and easy, so I first cooked all the veggies and then add it into the curry and mashed well.

4. Using lots of butter is the key to making this dish more delightful and mouth-watering, to lower the amount of butter I like to use a little bit of oil with the butter. And using homemade pav bhaji masala is also gives this dish much better taste and aroma.

5. In restaurants, they use
Kashmiri chilli powder
Kashmiri chilli powder
artificial red colour to gives this dish a gorgeous colour, but it's not at all healthy. So in that place, you can use Kashmiri chilli powder or Kashmiri chilli paste to gives it a nice red colour. The tomatoes also give it a nice colour, I also like to use beetroot and carrots Which increases the colour of pav bhaji.

6. If you're adding the Kashmiri chilli
powder or paste then no additional chilli powder is needed further, cause the pav bhaji masala also includes a good amount of dried red chillies, and that's enough for spiciness.

7. I prefer to use a Tawa for making
Making pav bhaji in a tawa
the bhaji or the curry of mashed vegetables. Using a Tawa helps the most cause it has a bigger surface, it helps to mash the veggies properly.

First, we would start with making the pav bhaji masala:-


1. Cumin seeds 2 tsp
2. Fennel seeds 1 tsp
3. Coriander seeds 2 tsp
4. Curry leaves 7-8
5. Dried red chillies 15-20
6. Bay leaves 2-3
7. Cloves 20-22
8. Black Cardamom 1
9. Black peppercorn ½ tsp
10. Cinnamon stick 1 (6 inches)
11. Aam chur/ dried mango powder ½ tsp
12. Salt 1 tsp
13. Black salt 2 tsp

Homemade pav bhaji masala
Homemade pav bhaji masala


• Take a dry pan and add all the whole masalas I have given without the dried mango powder and salt. Then dry roast it for 3-4 minutes.
After it cools down and everything into a blender, add the dried mango powder and salt with it, then blend well until it gets powdered. And your homemade pav bhaji masala is ready.

For the Pav bhaji:-



1. Boiled Chopped potatoes 3 cup
2. Boiled Chopped Cauliflower ½ cup
3. Boiled Chopped carrots ¼ cup
4. Boiled Chopped beetroot ¼ cup
5. Boiled peas ¼ cup
6. Chopped onions ½ cup
7. Chopped tomatoes 2 cups
8. Chopped capsicum ½ cup
9. Chopped coriander leaves

Masalas/ spices-

1. Jeera 1 tsp
2. Kashmiri chilli powder 2 tsp
3. Coriander powder 1 tsp
4. Turmeric powder ½ tsp
5. Pav bhaji masala 3 tsp
6. Salt to taste

Other ingredients-

1. Pav/ Indian bread rolls
2. Butter 6 tsp
3. Oil 2 tsp
4. Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp
5. Lime juice 1 tsp
6. Hot water ½ cup


• First peel off all the veggies and clean them properly, and then chopped in small pieces. Then add the veggies into a pressure cooker, first, you can cook the veggies which takes more time to cook, like potatoes, beetroot, carrots. And then cook the other veggies like cauliflower and peas. The capsicum and tomatoes don't need to be boiled.

• Now it's time to make the bhaji, for that you can use a Tawa or a karai. Add 3 tsp butter and 2 tsp oil in it, when the butter is melted add 1 tsp of jeera and stir, then add chopped onions and stir for 1 minute. When the onions get little brown to add the ginger garlic paste and 2 tsp of Kashmiri chilli powder. And mix well. You can add Kashmiri chilli paste also.

• When the gravy starts releasing oil add the chopped capsicum in it. And mix well, add all the boiled veggies with the chopped tomatoes, and mix with the gravy. Then add 1 tsp Coriander powder, ½ tsp turmeric powder and 3 tsp pav bhaji masala and give it a nice mix.

• Now it's time to mash everything
Mashing vegetables
Mashing vegetables
for that use a potato masher, and start mashing until it turns into a smooth paste. When it's properly mashed then add some salt to taste and chopped coriander leaves into it and again mix well. It should be done at a medium-low flame.

• If the mixture is too much thick, Then add a little bit of hot water in it, and mix well. When the water is mixed property, spread 3-4 tsp butter in the bhaji and mix until it melts. And your yummy bhaji is ready.

• Now it's time for the pav.
Toasting pav in butter
Toasting pav
Add 2 tsp butter into a Tawa or pan, add some chopped coriander leaves and some pav bhaji masala into the butter, when it melts to give it a stir, then toast the pav into the flavoured butter. Cover the pav all over with the butter and your taste pav is ready.

• At the time of serving, don't forget to add 1 tsp of butter on top of the bhaji, spread some lime juice and sprinkle chopped onions and coriander leaves from the top. And your mouth-watering pav bhaji is absolutely ready.

Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji

There are many varieties of pav bhajis are available nowadays, like paneer pav bhaji or cheese pav bhaji but I like this one the most, the authentic Mumbai street food. I love spiciness and the aromas which came from Indian spices. That makes a real foodie.
Having a delicious street food like pav bhaji at home is like a tasty blessing at this lockdown period, and your family and kids would also enjoy it very much. Make it at home for everyone and don't forget to share your experiences with us.

Nutrients in pav bhaji:-

Although it's a very delicious and finger-licking dish, we all know the most flavourful dishes contains the most calories. And pav bhaji is loaded with butter that's why it is a high-calorie dish. And high in carbs also. But sometimes satisfying our taste buds isn't a bad idea though.

1 plate of pav bhaji (2 pavs + bhaji) has net:-

• 373 Calories
• 8.3 g Protein
• 73.2 g Carbs
• 5.9 g Fat
• 2.4 g Fiber

If you think that's too many calories then worry not, we also have many fitness tips on our website so don't forget to check those also. Stay fit and healthy always.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Stay with us for more delicious recipes and fitness tips.

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