Abs workout for women-Easy 10 minutes workout

Abs workout for women
Abs workout for women

10-minute abs workout for women at gym or at home:-

Abdominal exercise is the workouts for strengthening your Abdominal muscles and, all these exercises engage your core. If you want to get abs then you have to follow this combination of exercises. These core workouts are very helpful for the fitness of women.

Abs workout for women can be of many types like here I have given 10 types of core workouts, which can be done by standing, and also I have given 10 types of abs workout for women which has to be done by laying on the ground. Most of these exercises don't need any types of equipment and can be easily done at home.

Try these abs workout at home for 2 weeks, and you will definitely get the results. So start from now, and make yourself more fit and healthy.

10 minutes standing abs workout for women:-

Here are 10 very effective and highly recommended exercise for women for getting abs in 2 weeks. Abs workout for women means always doing some crunches by lying on the ground or planks, but in this series here are some excellent workouts which don't need to lie down on the ground. And in all these 10 exercises we will be targeting the core.

These are 10 exercises, each of these are of 45 seconds, and there should be 15 seconds off in between each of the exercise. So first I'm going to give you the list of the exercises, and then I'll describe how to do it.

List of 10 standing workouts for women:-

1. High knees
2. Side leg lifts (right)
3. Side leg lifts (left)
4. Standing knee crunches
5. Circle knee crunches
6. Arms and leg crunches (right)
7. Arms and leg crunches (left)
8. Side bend (right)
9. Side bend (left)
10. Toe touch single-arm crunches

1. High knees:-

 High knees
 High knees

This exercise is actually like you are running at the same place, and always you need to engage your cores, and you need to bring your knees as much high as you can. It should be performed fast, and it's very beneficial for your cardiac health. It increases your flexibility and strengthens all the muscles in your legs.

If it's a kind of jumping it helps to born a lot of calories, and as it engages your cores, it will help you to correct your posture and also how to get in shape. It should be a must-have exercise, it also helps to warm up your body, so it should be done at first.

2. Side leg lifts (both):-

Side leg lifts are one type of crunches which are done using one side of your abdominals, and then the other side.
Side leg lifts
Side leg lifts

So first you need to tap your foot behind, then bring it up, and squeeze and down again. You have to do it both of the side of your abdominals, 45 seconds for each side. Also, bring your leg a little bit slightly in front of you, and not directly beside you, it's going to help you to engage your core.

Your back should be straight always throughout the exercise and, your knees should be soft and relaxed, also your legs should be straight. And your hand should be behind your head throughout the exercise.

Side leg raises involves your hip and thigh, and it also helps to give shape, and strengthen your hips and thighs. And it also improves muscles endurance. It can be done while lying down or by standing, by just using your body weight.

3. Standing knee crunches:-

Standing knee crunches
Standing knee crunches
In this standing knee crunches, standing with your hands behind your head, and bring your knees directly in front of you, and then bring your elbow to your knee. Make sure you're really squeezing that core, as you bring your knee up belly button to your spine. After you lower your one leg to completing one rep, switch sides, and bring your other leg.

It's a great abdominal exercise which boosts your strength throughout the core. This exercise takes the work of many muscles of your body, like hip flexor and hip abductor. This exercise is also very beneficial for your abdominals and upper leg.

4. Circle knee crunches:-

Circle knee crunches
Circle knee crunches
In this exercise extend your arms and legs, then bring the knee up, then down, then circle your knee around to the other side, then switch sides, extend your arms and legs, bring your other knee up and down, then circle around to the other side, a nice big half circle. You need to squeeze your abdominals and engage your core, throughout the exercise.

These crunches works on your abs from every direction, and alternate directions after every rep. It helps to flex and releasing the core muscles thus helping to build the abs. This exercise does not need any types of equipment, and also improves your muscle strength and flexibility.

5. Arms and leg crunches (both):-

Arms and leg crunches
Arms and leg crunches
It's another single-leg exercise, this time you're going to extend your arms up, and extend the leg front of you, and crunch forward. And if you're struggling and losing your balance, then you can grab a wall by one arm, and then squeeze your abdominals and crunch forward.

One leg and one arm at a time, then switch sides and crunch using another leg and arm.
It works on your upper back, abs, and hips.
It engages your core by squeezing your abdominals. It strengthens your hips and thighs.

6. Side bend (both):-

Side bend
Side bend
If usually done holding a medium-heavy dumbbell in your one hand and on the other hand fingertips should be by your ear. Engage your core and bend at your waist to the right toward the floor, and let the weight guide you down slowly. Pulling from your core, bring your body back to start position.

Always pick your arms slightly in front not directly side, then dip down and squeeze up through 45 seconds on one side, and then switch the side. You need to keep your upper body nice and strong throughout the exercise. Your movement should be slow and controlled, It hits the abdominal wall and stretches it, and it helps to protect the spine from injury.

7. Toe touch single-arm crunches:-

Toe touch single-arm crunches
Toe touch single-arm crunches
Stretch your both arms and legs into star position, and then using your one arm touch the opposite toe extending it, like engaging that core to bring everything to meet in the centre. Repeat the crunch motion after completing one rep.

It's one of the core exercises, which targets your abdominals and obliques. The toe touch works your abdominals muscles through spinal flexion, which is bending your spine forward as you reach to touch your toes. The different muscle groups that get worked when you use this exercise.

10 minutes of Abdominal and Oblique exercise for women:-

Here are 10 amazing and very beneficial exercise for your Abdominals and obliques, the first one was standing, so here all the exercises are going to be lying on the ground. Always use a mat, when you are lying on the ground.
These are very effective and easy to do, and it engages your core, strengthens your muscles. And also there are many health benefits of these exercises. I'll give you all the information, and instruction also.
So let's start, each of these is of 45 seconds, and there should be 15 seconds off in between each of the exercise. So first I'm going to give you the list of the exercises, and then I'll describe how to do it.

List of 10 abdominal exercises:-

1. Flutter kicks
2. Reaching oblique crunch
3. Pilates side hip raises (right)
4. Pilates side hip raises (left)
5. Russian twist
6. Toe touch crunches
7. Pilates legs pull (facing down)
8. Pilates legs pull (facing up)
9. Pilates toe taps
10. Knee tuck crunches

1. Flutter kicks:-

First lay down on the mat, facing up, then bring your legs straight over the top of your hip, drop your left leg first so it hovers a few inches off the floor. Hold for 2 seconds, then switch the position of the legs, making a flutter kick motion. Your hands should be beside you on the ground. Repeat this motion for 45 seconds.

Flutter kicks
Flutter kicks

As its an abdominal exercise, it helps to strengthen the core muscles. Also, it improves your posture and balance, and it's very beneficial to define your abdominal muscles. It's a great exercise for burning calories. flutter kicks also engage and activate the muscles in your thighs. It stretches the back muscles and helps relax them, flutter kicks can also help reduce back pain.

2. Reaching oblique crunches:-

Oblique crunches are a great way to improve your overall core strength and tone up your abdominal muscles. For this exercise you need to lie flat on the mat with your knees bent, then rotate your shoulders towards your opposite outside thighs, squeezing your abdominals, engaging your core, repeat this motion by switching sides. And keep rotating left and right for 45 seconds.

Reaching oblique crunches
Reaching oblique crunches

You need to squeeze your abdominal muscles during an exercise otherwise it won't be helpful for you and you have to engage your core strength to do this, not pulling your head up with your arm strength.
As this exercise strengthens your core, it prevents back injury or back pain and also helps to improve your balance and flexibility.

3. Pilates side hip raises (both):-

Pilates side hip raises
Pilates side hip raises
This exercise is also called side plank hip rises, it's a great core exercise for beginners, start in a side plank position, and make sure your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder, and your feet are stacked on top of each other, another arm should be on your waist. Then lift up your hip, as high as you can, then lower your body down, until just before your hip touches the ground.

This exercise improves muscles endurance and body stability. By strengthening the muscles true side leg raises can prevent back injury or pain. It develops core strength and improves balance. It also targets your core and strengthens your back, which can improve posture.

4. Russian twist:-

Russian twist
Russian twist
The Russian twist is a core exercise which is done by twisting your abdominal muscles side by side. First, sit on the mat then straighten your spine at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Create a V shape, then reach your arms straight out in front, interlacing your fingers or clapping your hands together. Use your abdominals to twist to the right, then back to the centre, and then to the left.

This exercise is important for your court strength and also improves your balancing and posture. As this exercise needs some balancing so, beginners can press their feet into the floor, and always exhale with each twist, and inhale when returning to the centre.

5. Toe touch crunches:-

Toe touch crunches
Toe touch crunches
Lie down on your back straight your legs towards the ceiling, then stretch out your arms up and lift your head and shoulder off the ground and touch your toes.
Toe Touch crunches are a very effective exercise which targets your abdominal muscles through spinal fixation.

Use the exercise as part of a comprehensive core-building workout, which contributes to better sports performance, daily function and defined abs.
Do this exercise on a daily basis with other core exercises for 45 seconds.

6. Pilates legs pull (facing up and down):-

Pilates legs pull
Pilates legs pull
First for the facing up Pilates legs pull, get up on a push-up position, nice and straight, then from your shoulder all the way down to your ankle, then start lifting legs alternatively, lift one leg then another. You can put your arm on the ground or can use dumbbells to reduce the stress on your wrist a little bit. Keep your hip as straight as possible.
Put your weight on your hands. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists and settled in your back.

This exercise strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, groin, abdominals, shoulders, and arms. It helps improve stability in the shoulders and trunk.

Pilates legs pull
Pilates legs pull
For the facing up Pilates legs pull, sit down on the mat, then lift up your hip, get on a reverse plank position, then put your weight on your hands behind your back. Then start stretching your legs one by one, straight and high by switching sides. Do it in a nice motion, and keep that motion going for 45 seconds.

This exercise stretches the front of your body while it strengthens your back, the muscles in the back of thigh and arms. It's a great stretch and strengthening exercise, to get abs.

7. Pilates toe taps:-

Pilates toe taps
Pilates toe taps
Lie down on the mat, then get to a tabletop position, your knees should be directly on over your hips, then nice and slowly by alternating your legs, tap on the ground slowly, that your toe could barely touch the ground, then coming back to the tabletop position.

 Means lowering the right foot and tapping it on the floor while the left leg remains in a tabletop position.
Keep switching sides and do this for 45 seconds straight.
Toe taps can help you improve control, and it also increases your heart rate and helps you burn calories. It develops a strong core, which is important to get abs.

8. Knee tuck crunches:-

Knee tuck crunches
Knee tuck crunches

First, sit on the mat then straighten your spine at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Create a V shape, Place your hands about an inch behind your back with your fingers facing forward, for some support. Then start stretching your legs and return to the starting position, your legs should not touch the ground.

Do this on a nice and slow motion, and keep the motion going on for 45 seconds.
Knee tuck crunches is a great abdominal exercise, working mainly your rectus abdominus muscle that is responsible for the infamous six-pack. It develops strength through the stabilizing muscles of your spine, shoulders, and even your hips.

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