15 leg exercises for women - highly effective

15 leg exercises for women
15 leg exercises for women - highly effective

Here are 15 highly effective leg exercises for women, having a leg day can give you slim and strong legs, and thighs, burns your thigh fat. All of these leg strengthening exercises can be done at home easily and it helps to lose thigh fat fast.

All the 15 exercise includes some squats, jumping, leg raises, butt lifts, lungs and so on. And these are the, best lower body toning exercises, for women.

These exercises are very helpful for your legs, thighs and butt also. Try these at home at least 3-4 days in a week for 30 Days, and see the results.

Do these exercises for 30 seconds on, rest for 10-15 seconds in between. If you're a beginner and getting too many difficulties then reduce the number of exercises, do 8-10 exercises for 30 seconds, and get 5-10 seconds off in between.

The main benefits of leg exercises for women are:-

• It burns a lot of calories.
• Builds your muscles.
• Strengthen your lower body.
• Prevents injury.

You can comment below to share your experiences, we would love to hear. So let's start.

• The list of 15 leg exercises for women:-

1. High knees
2. Squats
3. Jump in-out
4. Side leg raises
5. Side plank leg lifts
6. Donkey kicks
7. Glute bridge hold
8. Glute bridge squeezing
9. Reverse lunges
10. Side lunges
11. Frog press
12. Leg hugs
13. Lying on leg lifts
14. Inner thigh lifts
15. Inner thigh circles

1. High knees:-

High knees
High knees

This exercise is actually like you are running at the same place, and always you need to engage your cores, and thigh muscles. You need to bring your knees as much high as you can. It should be performed fast, and it's very beneficial for your cardiac health.

It increases your flexibility and strengthens all the muscles in your legs and lower body muscles.
It's a kind of jumping it helps to burn a lot of calories, and as it engages your cores, it will help you to correct your posture and also how to get in shape.
It should be a must-have exercise, it also helps to warm up your body, so it should be done at first.

2. Squats:-


It's a very effective and highly recommended lower body exercise, it's especially targeting the inner thigh muscles, make some space between your legs, then lower your hip from a standing position, then stand up again.

 Keep your back straight, push your knees slightly outward, and you can keep your hands together in front of you. Look straight and relax your shoulders. There are many variations in squats, and you can do it by holding dumbbells.

Do not rush when doing squats, do it slowly. It flexes the knee joints. It strengthens your leg and thigh muscles, glutes. It also helps to strengthen your core, it helps to give shape to your hips and legs.

Although it's an exercise for especially your legs and lower body, it's very helpful for the whole body. Doing this every day can be great.

3. Jump in-out:-

Jump in-out
Jump in-out

It's one type of squat, which includes jumping. First, lower your hip from a standing position, then at the time to standing up again do jump up out of the squat and land back in the starting position, and again in the next rep closer your legs when jumping.

Like jumping in and out while doing squats.
It also has the same kind of benefits as squats. With this it's a great cardio workout too, it helps to build muscles, it stimulates your metabolism.

Strengthen your core and lower body muscles like legs and thighs, and shapes your legs and hip.
Include it in your daily leg exercises, do this for at least 30 seconds daily.

4. Side leg raises:-

Side leg raises
Side leg raises

Side leg raises are one type of crunches which are very effective for your lower body muscles, it helps to strengthen your legs and thigh muscles, as well as your core.

So first stand straight, then bring your one leg up, and squeeze and down again. You have to do it both of the side of your abdominals, 30 seconds for each side, and rest for 10 seconds in between.
You can bring your leg a little bit slightly in front of you, and not directly beside you, it's going to help you to engage your core.

Your back should be straight always throughout the exercise and, your knees should be soft and relaxed, also your legs should be straight. And your hand should be behind your head throughout the exercise.

Side leg raises involves your hip and thigh, and it also helps to give shape, and strengthen your hips and thighs. And it also improves muscles endurance. It can be done while lying down or by standing, by just using your body weight.

5. Donkey kick:-

Donkey kicks
Donkey Kick

It's a great workout for strengthening your butt and lower muscles. It's very easy, get on the mat facing down, hands under your shoulders and knees under your butt.

Now lift one leg to the hip level, bending into 90 degrees, lift as much you can, then lower your knee without touching the ground, then life again. Do this for 30 seconds using one leg, and then switch the sides.

You can also try straight leg donkey kicks, by stretching your leg after lifting it. It's am amazing workout which can be done without any types of equipment.

This workout mainly targets your glute muscles, and also work on your shoulders and core muscles. This exercise helps to improve posture and prevent hip and spine injuries. Do it using both legs, each for 30 seconds and take 10 seconds off in between.

6. Side plank leg lifts:-

Side plank leg lifts
Side plank leg lifts

It's a side plank with leg raises, which targets the outer thighs and glutes. Lie down on the mat, then get into a side plank position, place your one elbow on the ground, then stretch your legs, straight your body, balancing on the outside edge of your one foot, rest your top hand on your upper hip.

Then lift the leg on top and down again. Engage your core. Do this with one leg for 30 seconds, then switch the sides and do it with the other leg.

This exercise strengthens your core and also strengthen the thigh and leg muscles, it improves muscle endurance. Strengthening these muscles through side leg raises can also help to prevent injury and pain with the knees, hip, and lower back.

7. Glute bridge hold:-

It's a very easy experience with lots of benefits for your lower muscles. You just need to lay down on the mat, arms next to you, then bend your knees, flat your feet on the ground, stretch your arms down by the side.

Then lift your him as much as possible why is reaching your core, and your shoulders should be on the ground.
This exercise engages gluteal muscles, the core of the body, low back and hips. It helps to build your hip and it helps, to prevent back injuries or pain. Strengthening of butt and lower limbs improves the body posture and beneficial for joints.

The goal of this exercise is to hold in the position of glute bridge for 25 - 30 seconds, include this easy and effective exercise into your daily leg exercise routine.

Glute bridge
Glute bridge

8. Glute bridge squeeze:-

It's very similar to the glute bridge hold, but for this exercise, you don't need to hold the position and need to squeeze your lower abs instead.

Just lay down on the mat, bend your knees and flat your feet on the ground, then by keeping your hands beside your body, lift the hip as much as possible, and again lower it down, and again lift it. Keep doing this for 30 seconds straight.

It also has the same benefits as the previous one, but it squeezes your core, and lower muscles, and helps to strengthen it. It targets your glutes mainly and helps to give shape to your thigh and butt.

9. Reverse lunges:-

Reverse lunges
Reverse lunges

It's a very beneficial workout for your lower body muscles, first, you need to stand up with your hip-width apart, then step backwards with your one leg, bend your knee until it gets into 90 degrees. That knee should be pointed towards the ground.

Then push yourself forward in the start position, and switch the sides and do it using your other leg. Do this for 30 seconds daily.
Your hands can be in front of you, or on your waist, or you can stretch your arms on top of your head also. Or it can be done by holding dumbbells also.

It's a great exercise to tone the muscles of your lower body. This exercise mainly targets your hips, glutes, and thighs. It's a great exercise for those who have a problem in their knees, like knee pain or any injury.
It emphasizes the muscles of the glutes and strengthens your leg muscles.

10. Side lunges:-

Side lunges
Side lungs

Lunges are always a very helpful exercise for strengthening your body, side lunges help to strengthen the muscles of your body uses to move and change direction. First, stand straight with your hip-width apart, take a wide step out using one leg, and bend the other knee and push your hip back, both of your feet should be flat on the ground.

 Push off with your leg (which was stepped out) to return to standing. Do this for 30 seconds, and then switch the legs.

It helps to build lean body muscles and very helpful for strengthening your lower body muscles. It improves your balancing and body posture. This exercise works on your inner and outer thighs, side lunges target your quadriceps, hips, and legs especially.

11. Frog press:-

Frog press
Frog press

Frog press exercise is a core- and glutes-strengthening exercise that also improves stability throughout the lower back, and hips. First, lie down on the mat, then bend your knees on a 90-degree angle with turning them outwards like a frog.

Then start crunch by squeezing your abdominals, and lift your head and shoulders while squeezing, then stretch your legs straight forward, and again return to the starting position.

Always keep your feet together during this workout. And arms beside you on the floor. It's a great butt exercise for women, this glute exercise improves your posture and prevents injury. And also very helpful for strengthening your leg and thigh muscles.

12. Leg hugs:-

Leg hugs
Leg hugs

First, lie down on the mat, stretch your legs straight, your back should be on the ground, on your hip level. Then bend your one knee and hug the knee towards your chest. Then Switch legs and keep doing this for 30 seconds. You can do this with both legs also at the same time.
This exercise tightens your lower muscles, and also very helpful to strengthen your hip and lower back.

13. Lying on leg lifts:-

Lying on leg lifts
Lying on leg lifts

It's also very easy and effective workout for your leg muscles and butt, and it's great for your core also. You just need to lie down on the mat and then stretch your legs towards the ceiling, using your core muscles. Keep your legs together and straight.

It makes your lower muscle tight and also helps to strengthen thigh muscles. Is also helps to give shape to butt.
During this exercise, you always lead to press your thighs together and straighten your legs so that it could target your leg muscles properly.

It also prevents your lower back injury or pain. And burns extra fats of your hip.

14. Inner thigh lifts:-

Fortie this exercise the first unit to lie on your side, stretch your bottom leg straight on the ground, and cross your top leg over it. Then lift the lower leg up and down, and repeat this for 30 seconds then switch the legs, take 10 seconds off between it. Rest your top arm on the ground, and the bottom arm under your shoulder.

Lift your bottom leg is high as possible, squeeze your inner thigh, and tight your core muscles to get the best results.
It strengthens and trims your inner thighs, and can also improve your balance.

Inner thigh lifts and circles
Inner thigh lifts and circles

15. Inner thigh circles:-

Inner thigh circles are very similar to inner thigh lifts, you just need to create a circular motion, using your bottom leg instead of lifting it.

Just lie down on your side, stretch your bottom leg straight and cross top leg over it. Then do circle repetitive motion using the bottom leg, after doing it for 30 seconds, switch the legs. And repeat.
Keep your upper body on the bottom shoulder, and the top hand on the ground.

It improves inner thigh strength, and improve your balancing. And has other benefits as inner thigh lifts.

It's a fact that our lower body carries the weight of our full body, and it also helps to carry us everywhere.
So it's very important to strengthen our lower body, and for that, these leg exercises at home are very important.

Making your lower body strength can help you to get muscles as it engages our core.
And it's great to stay fit and healthy always. Cause it affects your metabolism, burns a lot of calories from all over our body. So I prefer to include leg workouts in my everyday fitness routine,
what about you?
Comment below and let us know what you think about it.

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