20 Best workout for arms for women. Get toned arms

Best workout for arms for women. Get toned arms
 Best workout for arms for women. Get toned arms

Best workout for arms for women.  We have listed 20 workouts for toned arms.

Are you also having arm fat, and wanna lose it at any cost. It really bothers when women having fat arms, sometimes it causes stretch marks and the main problem which I face was being unable to wear a sleeveless dress. Fat arms really irritated me so bad that I started trying some arms exercises at home just to have slim and lean arms.

And the best thing is it also helps you to get stronger arms, it prevents arms injuries as well as strengthen your arms and shoulders also. Follow these workouts and do arm exercises at home.

How to get toned arms, how much time it takes?

So having toned and strong arms depend on how much workouts you are doing using your arm muscles, biceps and triceps. Although these workouts affect our abdominal muscles and legs also.

I believe for getting toned arms we dream for, requires some extremely effective exercises which includes some stretches, some pulses, planks and push-ups. I have also included some stretches with equipment like 3 pounds dumbbells. You can skip those if you don't have dumbbells or, getting it too hard.

I have carefully made this list of some amazingly effective arms workout for women, which works like magic. But of course, you have to do these daily for at least 2 weeks to get the best results.

No need to do all the 20 exercises at once, but what I prefer is to combine some stretches with some planks and pulses. Start your arms exercises with some pulses and end up with some stretches, in-between don't forget to do planks and push-ups.

By the end of your 3rd week doing these arm strengthening exercises, you'll get the results for sure.
So don't forget to try these exercises for toned arms at home.

List of 20 arm exercises for women:-

1. Shoulder press
2. In-out curls
3. Inside curls
4. Reverse curls
5. Standing arm raises
6. Wall push-up
8. Up and down pulses
9. Double pulses
10. Forward and backward pulses
11. Arm rotation
12. Arm cross over
13. Wood chops
14. Rocking Plank
15. Rotation plank
16. Up and down plank
17. Tricep press
18. Tricep dips
19. Extend and crunch
20. Inchworm push-up

1. Shoulder press:-

Shoulder press
Shoulder press

• Hold 2 dumbbells in your both arms,
• Bring your arms up and down, holding the dumbbells.
• Stand nice and straight, pull your belly in, and stretch your arms up and down.

It's a great exercise for your shoulders, and toned arms. It mainly targets your biceps and triceps, you need to do 15-20 rep at a time.
Including this exercise in your daily arm workout can be really very effective for your arms.

2. In-out curls:-

In-out curls
In-out curls

• Holding 3 pounds dumbbells, in your both arms.
• first bring your arms up with your thumbs facing forward.
• Then down and turn your pumps out, and take it out to the side.
• So basically bring your arms up and out to the side. You are working on your biceps with this workout.

Do this 20 reps per day.
Strengthening your arms, and biceps. Leave some space between your knees. Standing nice and straight, and stretch your arms, it's a great arm exercise for women.

3. Inside curls:-

Inside curls
Inside curls

• Hold a 3-pound dumbbell in your one hand,
• With your thumbs facing forward, and your pumps facing each other, bring the weight up to the chest.
• Keep your elbow near to your waist, leave some space between your legs.
• Do 10 reps with your every arm and then switch sides.

It's a very easy and great exercise for your arms and biceps. You can see your muscles pumping, burning while doing this exercise. For amazing toned arms, you have to include this exercise into your daily workout routine.

4. Reverse curls:-

Reverse curls
Reverse curls

• Stand straight on your mat, then bend your waist down forward, your chest out.
• Hold 2 dumbbells in your both arms, now bring your arms up to the sides, stretch your arms up, bringing those weights.

If you getting it too hard, cause of the weight, then do this without dumbbells. Just bring your arms up and down to the side.
It's great for strengthening your arms. Do this 15 reps each day, for strengthening your arms muscles and making biceps.

5. Standing arm raises:-

Standing arm raises
 Standing arm raises

• Stand straight on the mat, holding 3 pounds dumbbells in your both hand.
• With your thumbs facing forward, stretch your hands out to the side, bring it up and down.
• It creates the shape of V. This exercise also called Standing V raises.

Your shoulders should be level with your arms. Squeeze your abs, bend your knees little bit, And bring the weight up and down. Do 15 reps of it, use the weight as your choice, with which you are comfortable.
Stretch your arms and it's very effective for your biceps.

6. Wall push-up:-

Wall push-up
Wall push-up

This is a great exercise for arms, any type of push-ups are effective for our arms muscles, and for strengthening our arms. It's very easy.
• stand straight with your arms on the wall, then push the wall, and make sure your chest and arms are pushing you back.

Do this for 40 seconds, for toned arms.
If you can't find a wall, then just do this on the ground.
It's very helpful and effective.

7. C-Rotation:-


• Stretch your arms to the side, stand straight, and draw a big C shape with your arms.
This exercise is one of the most effective ones, for your arms. This looks easy but leaves great effects for making your arms toned and slim.

It stretches your biceps and arms muscles, and it works on your shoulders.
Daily you need to do this for at least 40-45 seconds, for having toned arms.

8. Up and down pulses:-

• Stand straight with your arms stretched to the side.
• Bring it up and down. It's very simple, and effective also.

For the first 40 seconds, bring your arms up and down, with your pumps facing up. Then take 5 seconds off and again do the same with your pumps facing down.
Pulses are very helpful for strengthening arms, it's easy and simple.
It works on your arms muscles and helps to get toned arms easily.

9. Double pulses:-

• bend your knees slightly, just a little bit,
• Bring your arms straight and high forward,
• Then bring it down to the back and pulse twice.
• Make sure you are engaging your triceps too. Stretch your arms as high as possible,

It's also one kind of pulse, This exercise targets your biceps and triceps. And it's also a great exercise for your arms. Get slim and lean arms just by doing this exercise for 45 seconds every day.

10. Forward and backward pulses:-

It's very similar to the up and down pulses, For first 40 seconds,
• bring your arms to the side, and pulse forward and backwards, with your pumps facing forward.
• Then take 5 seconds off and again do the same with your pumps facing backwards.
It works on your arms muscles and helps to get toned arms easily.

11. Arm rotation:-

• Stand straight on the mat, stretch your arms to the side, and create little rainbows with your hands.
It's very easy to do, but you can feel the workout on your shoulders and arms muscles.

Keep doing this for 40 seconds each day.
It strengthens your arms, as well as works on your shoulders and biceps.

12. Arms cross over:-

• Stand straight on the mat, bend your knees little bit,
• Bring your arms to the back and do some criss-cross using the arms.

It's great for burning the fat of your arm muscles. It's very easy to do, and extremely effective on your arms. And it's also very helpful for increasing your flexibility.
Do this every day at home for 40 seconds, to get strong and toned arms.

13. Woodchop:-


• Stand straight with some space between your knees.
• Then keep your both arms together and stretch towards the sky at your left,
• then chop downwards to the right using the hands.
• Keep doing this motion for 30 seconds, get 5 seconds off in between then switch the side.

This exercise looks like you are chopping wood. It's very easy. This workout is great for your obliques, but it also works on your arm muscles.

14. Rocking plank:-

Rocking plank
Rocking plank

• For this exercise you just need to get in a plank position,
• always engage your core and rock your body forward and backwards in a motion.
• Your arms and shoulders are engaged during this exercise, as well as your abs. Make sure you squeeze those abs.

It's very effective for strengthening your arms and plank affects your core also. It mainly targets your upper back and shoulders. It also helps to remove back pain. Rocking plank is a great workout for your shoulder muscles. Do this for 30 seconds daily for strong and lean arms.

15. Rotation plank:-

Rotation plank
Rotation plank

• Get into a high plank position, hands on the ground.
• Then reach your one elbow up towards the sky and look at the same direction, stay for 2 seconds.
• Return slowly to the first position and do the same with your other arm.

Tighten your muscles and straighten your body while doing this. If it's getting too difficult, then do it on your knees. This exercise is very beneficial for improving your balance. It also strengthens your core and arms muscles.

16. Up and down plank:-

Up and down plank
Up and down plank

• First get into a full plank position.
• Lower your left elbow to the mat and then your right elbow.
• Then again put your right hand on the mat, straighten your right elbow.
• Do the same with your left hand also.
• Keep doing this motion for at least 30 seconds, it's very effective on your arms and core muscles also.

It affects your heart, as well as works on your core.
For strengthening biceps, this exercise is must, it works all over on your body and strengthens your muscles.

17. Tricep press:-

Tricep press
Tricep press

• Stand straight on the mat, stretch your arms towards the sky,
• Keep your inner arms as close to your ear as possible.
• Then bend your elbows backwards, and your pumps should be together.

During this exercise keep your core muscles tight, and do not open your elbows outwards. As this exercise is mainly done by the triceps, It mainly targets your shoulders and triceps. As it's very easy to do. And it's very effective also for having toned and strong arms.

18. Tricep dips:-

Tricep dips

Tricep dips

• Sit on the mat, with knees bent, feet on the floor.
• Your hands on the floor with fingers pointing towards the body.
• Now use your arms to push your body off the ground.
• Slowly and gently bend your elbows and lower your body close to the floor.

Keep your core tighten, and if it's too hard then keep your butt on the ground.
It targets your triceps and shoulders, and strengthen your arms muscles. Do this for 30 seconds daily.

19. Extend and crunch:-

Extend and crunch
Extend and crunch

• Stand straight then bring your one knee back,
• stretch your arms up and drive your knee forward into a crunch.
• Do this for 30 seconds then switch the side.

It stretches your arms as well as squeezes your core muscles. It also improves your balance and it's a great exercise for strengthening your arms and abs. Extend and crunch is a very effective workout for your arms and legs and for your core also.

20. Inchworm push-up:-

Inchworm push-up
Inchworm push-up

• First stand straight and tall on the mat, then place your hands on the ground.
• Keep your legs as straight as possible, then walked words using your hands.
• When you get into a high plank position, then do a push-up.
• Get back into the high plank position again walk back using your hands.

This exercise can be a little bit difficult for beginners. If it's getting too hard for you, you can drop your knees for the push-up. Not just arms with targets your entire body, but for arms, this exercise is really very helpful. Do 10 reps each day for having toned and strong arms.
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