Exercise to Increase Height in 1 month. Magical way to became tall with pdf

Exercise to Increase Height in 1 month
Exercise to Increase Height in 1 month

Are you thinking about how to increase height after 20? Or how to increase height in 1 month?

Well, here you will get all the answers. Sometimes having a certain height is important to get certain jobs, it’s not a big deal anymore cause you just need to do some exercises.

Human body height can be influenced by many factors like bad posture, genes, hormones, gravity, and proper nutrition. And eliminating these decompressions is not easy but not impossible also.

You just need to be determined and your hard work would pay off.

Though any height is fine if you are short or medium that is also fine, we should always be happy with our physical appearance, just keep in mind that we should respect all human beings of any height, size, and colour!

There are some myths like your genetics always determine your heigh, though it’s not completely the truth, you can increase your height by maintaining a good fitness routine, and balanced diet, it will also help you to shred some extra calories and will strengthen your muscles.

Even after 18 or 20, you can increase your height. Wondering how? Read this to find out how you can add a few inches in your height.

Here are the best 15 exercises to increase your height, which can make noticeable changes in your height within 1 month.

The best 15 exercises to increase your height:

1. Cobra Stretch

2. Pelvic Lift

3. Side Stretch

4. Forward Bend

5. Wall Stretch

6. Forward Spine Stretch

7. Jumping

8. Skipping rope

9. Land Swimming

10. Downward-facing dogs

11. Bird Dog

12. Low Lunge Arch

13. Hanging

14. Surya Namaskar

15. Cycling

Cobra Stretch:

This is a great exercise to stretch out your spine and abdomen muscles, it is also a famous yoga asana to relax your body and increase oxygen circulation in the body.

Cobra Stretch
Cobra Stretch

Steps to follow-

  • Lie down on the yoga mat on your stomach your legs should be stretched out.
  • Keep your palms beside your chest flat on the ground, then take a deep breath and lift your chest placing all the body weight on your palms.
  • Stretch your abdomen muscles as much as you can, relax your shoulders, breathe normally, and keep this position for 30 seconds.

Tips for Cobra Stretch - 

One should avoid this exercise if they have any spine or abdomen injury, you should relax your body while doing this exercise and should stretch your spine as much as you can.

If you feel any kind of pain while doing it, should stop right away.

Pelvic Lift:

This exercise is great to stretch out your back. It can also improve our posture, gives a shape to our hips, and helps to increase height.

Pelvic lift
Pelvic lift

Steps to follow for Pelvic Lift-

  • Lie down straight on your mat, with your arms stretched beside your body.
  • Bend your knees, put pressure on your foot and lift your hips, and keep your back straight.
  • Breath slowly and hold this position for 10 seconds, then bring your back down slowly and repeat.

Tips for Pelvic Lift- 

Always use a yoga mat for this exercise, keep your back straight to avoid injury.

Side Stretch:

Side stretches are great to increase height, it helps to strengthen your intercostal muscles.

Side Stretch
Side Stretch

Steps to follow for Side Stretch-

  • Stand straight with your feet together exactly under your shoulders, and keep your hands on your waist.
  • Bend your upper body to the left with your right hand stretched to the leftover your head.
  • Breath normally and hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then switch the side and repeat.

Tips for Side Stretch- 

Move your body only sideways, do not bend your body forward or backward while doing this exercise.

Standing Forward Bend:

This exercise targets your back, hamstrings, and calves. It helps to relax your brain and is stress-relieving. And it is also beneficial to increase height.

Standing Forward bend
Standing Forward bend

Steps to follow for Standing Forward Bend-

  • Stand straight on your yoga mat, with your arms reaching overhead. Bend your body forwards and fold from your hips.
  • Try to touch your fingertips with your toes, if you can do that try to touch your palms to the mat.
  • Bend your knees very little so that your knee joints are not locked.
  • Engage your back muscles and bring your weight forward on your feet. Breath normally.
  • Let your head hang upside down. and keep this position for 10-20 seconds. Then come up slowly.

Tips for Standing Forward Bend- 

Make sure that your fold is forming from your pelvis, using your hips, not from the back, it can curve your spine and can occur injuries. You should avoid this exercise if you have any injuries in your lower back, and if are not allowed to put pressure on your head.

Wall Stretch:

Wall stretch is a great exercise to increase flexibility, it can give you relief from muscle soreness and helps to lessen your muscle pain, with all this it also helps to increase your height.

Wall stretch
Wall stretch exercise

Steps to follow for Wall Stretch-

  • Stand straight in front of a wall, and keep less than an arm’s distance from the wall.
  • Step one leg forward and one leg back, then fold the knee of your front leg.
  • Place your palms on the wall, keeping your arms straight with your shoulders.
  • Then stretch your arms and try to push the wall. Keep doing this for 20-30 seconds, switching your legs.

Tips for Wall Stretch- 

While doing this exercise try to focus on your major body muscles. Breath normally while doing it and keep each stretch for 30 seconds. If the stretch hurts your muscle stop right away, you should feel tension on your target muscles, not pain.

Forward Spine Stretch:

This exercise is great to stretch your back and hamstrings. It’s also great for an abdominal stretch.

Forward Spine Stretch
Forward Spine Stretch

Steps to follow for Forwarding spine stretch-

  • Sit on the mat with your legs extended, extend your arms out in front of you and keep them straight with your shoulder.
  • Your palms and fingers should lengthen forward with your arms.
  • Then curve your spine forward and try to reach the mat with your head, engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Keep your upper body straight with your legs and your arms extended in front of you. Your shoulders should be relaxed.

Tips for Forwarding spine stretch- 

Your shoulders should be relaxed during this exercise. Inhale when you stretch your arms and exhale when you lengthen your spine and curve it forward.

Try to make a “C” curve, during this stretch of your spine your arms and legs should lengthen forward.


Jumping is great to increase your body height. You can include jumping in other exercises like Jumping jacks or Jump Squats. 

It helps to condition your lower body joints and muscles and improves the height of your body.

Jumping Exercise

Steps to follow for jumping exercise-

  • Start with standing straight on the yoga mat, your body should face forward, and keep your shoulders straight.
  • Lower your body into a squat position with your knees bent lower your hip towards the ground.
  • Then jump with your legs and come up out from the squat position.

Skipping rope:

Skipping rope is a great cardio exercise, it is extremely effective to burn calories and also tighten your core, it stretches your muscles and contracts your ligaments while skipping.

It works a lot in height increase, it can increase your height a few inches during adulthood.

Skipping Rope Exercise

Steps to follow for skipping rope-

I guess we all know how to do skipping as we are doing it since our childhood, still, if you haven’t done it before it could be quite tough for you to start doing it in your adulthood, there should be some tips to follow.

Tips for skipping rope- 
  • First practice jumping without using the rope,
  • You should wear properly fitted clothes while skipping.
  • Hold the handles of the skipping rope tightly, and shorten the rope as per your height so that it can reach your armpit easily.
  • Try to jump continuously for 1 minute. And increase th3e time eventually.

Land Swimming:

Dryland swimming is mainly the mimic of the movements we do while swimming, you need the focus on the muscle groups engaged when we swim.

It also helps strengthen your body and make a certain difference in your height.

Land Swimming Exercise
Land Swimming Exercise

Steps to follow for land swimming exercise- 

  • Dryland swimming can be done in several ways,
  • Lie down on the floor on your stomach, then lift both of your arms together in front of you, and while bringing your feet off the ground simultaneously, then slowly lower your hands and feet back to the floor, repeat 10-12 times.
  • Start with a downward dog position, bring your chest towards the ground by bending your arms into a push-up position, then reverse back into the downward dog position. 
  • Keep your legs straight, and your elbows out, repeat this 10-20 times in 2 sets.
  • You can do flutter kicks also, your hips should be hanging out from the bench, hold the bench sides with your hands, then lift your legs switching side by side lightly tapping on the ground, do this in 2 sets of 20 reps.

Downward facing dogs:

This exercise helps to strengthen your upper body, it stretches your hamstrings and calves. It can affect your height as it stretches the lower body. And it can improve your posture.
Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog Exercise

Steps to follow for Downward-facing dogs exercise-

  • Lie on the floor facing the ground with your hands shoulder-width apart, get into a high plank position, your shoulders should be above your wrists.
  • Then tuck your toes again on the mat and lift your keens into the air, lift your hips and make an upside-down “V” shape.
  • Then extend your spine and put the pressure on your palms, using your feet push your pelvis towards the ceiling, keep this position for 10 sec and keep breathing normally.
  • Then slowly put your knees down on the mat and get back into the high plank position, do this for at least 2 mins daily.

Tips for Downward-facing dogs' exercise- 

keep your shoulder straight during this exercise, to avoid injury try not to lock your knees and overextension, try to keep your legs straight and slightly bend your knees to maintain stability.

Bird Dog exercise:

It is a core exercise that improves the stability of abdominal muscles and strengthens your hips and back muscles also. It also helps to cure back pain.

Bird Dog Pose
Bird Dog Pose Exercise

Steps to follow for Bird Dog exercise-

  • Begin with a high plank position, then place your knees under your hips and engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Then lift your right arm and left leg and extend in a straight line with your body. Keep your alternative arm and leg on the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Then return to your hands and knees, and switch to the other side.

Tips for Bird Dog exercise- 

You need to keep your core engaged during this exercise, keep your back straight and try to keep your leg as high as possible.

Low Lunge Arch:

This exercise helps to strengthen your knees, it stretches your hamstrings and lower abdomen muscles. Helps in stress relief, it also stretches your thigh muscles and glutes as it is beneficial for height increase.

Steps to follow for Low Lunge Arch:-

Low Lung Arch
Low Lung Arch

  • First start with a downward-facing dog position, then step your right leg forward and lower your left knee onto the ground.
  • Then by stretching your abdominal muscles lift your chest and stretch your hands up alongside your ears. Hold this position for about 10 seconds.
  • Then lower your hands down and get back into the Downward facing dog position.
  • Then repeat this Asana by switching your legs.

Tips for Low Lunge Arch:- 

Exhale when you stretch your legs, and inhale when stretching your chest and arms.

Hanging exercise:

Hanging exercises can help you to increase a few inches by reversing the compression of your spine.

Hanging Exercise

Steps to follow for Hanging exercise- 

There are many types of hanging exercises that you can try,

Hanging knee raises- 

Hold a secure bar then grip it and hang, then bend your knees to your chest, engage your abs and then release.

Hanging splits- 

Hang from a secure bar with your shoulder-width apart, then extend your one leg forward and one leg backward, stretch them as much as you can, and then switch the legs.

Tips for Hanging exercise- 

For hanging exercises, it is very important to get yourself a good set of horizontal hanging bars. These bars should be high enough so that your entire body can hang and your feet should be at least 1 foot away from the floor.

Your body should be relaxed while hanging, you should hold the bars tight enough and your palms should be facing away.

Surya Namaskar:

This yoga pose is an extremely known and effective one that can boost our overall health and immunity, it increases our body flexibility and helps to stretch body muscles, you can include this asana in your height increase workout list.

Steps to follow for Surya Namaskar-

there are 12 steps in this asana which we will follow step by step.

  • First get into a Pranaam asana pose, standing straight and distributing your body weight between your feet, with joint palms at the center of your chest, and breathe slowly.
    Surya Namaskar
    Surya Namaskar
  • Then inhale and stretch your joint palms and arms over your head toward the ceiling and then bend your spine slightly to the back.
  • Exhale and get into a standing forward bend position, bend your body forward from the belly towards the floor, try to touch the ground using your palm keep your legs straight, if you are not able to do that try to touch your fingertips to the ground.
  • Then inhale and shift your legs back into a low lung position, lift your head towards the ceiling and stretch your legs backward, and keep your palms on the floor.
  • Get into a high plank position, just lift your keens and your legs, and balance your body on the palms and feet.
  • For the next pose drop your knees slowly to the floor and also touch your chest and chin with the ground. Tuck your elbow and keep your palms on the floor. This position is also known as the knees-chest-chin pose.
  • Then get into a cobra stretch position, get your entire lower body on the floor, and stretch your chest backward with your head bending to your back.
  • After that, you need to get into a downward-facing dog pose, with your palms and toes on the ground, and make an upside-down V shape by lifting your hip towards the ceiling.
  • Then again get into the low lung position which we have done earlier.
  • Get into the standing forward bend position.
  • And stand straight and do the backward bend position with joint palms. And then get into the first one the Praanam asana pose. And you have completed Surya namaskar.


Cycling is a beneficial and eco-friendly exercise that can help you in many ways, it helps to increase your flexibility and muscle strength. It helps to burn calories and improves our posture as well, it is a great cardio exercise also, which reduces our stress level and improves our overall health.

Though cycling doesn’t help you get taller directly, it can lengthen your lower body muscles, especially your leg muscles, if you would raise the seat height of your cycle.


You need to maintain a proper diet with this and need to do cycling at least from 30-50 minutes a day to get the benefits.

FAQ  >>

What does the cobra stretch?

Cobra stretch targets our intercostal muscles, this exercise helps to decrease stress levels, reduces back pain, improves our posture and it may help to reduce chronic inflammation.

What are pelvic lifts good for?

Pelvis lift exercise targets our lower back muscles, it also strengthens your abs and glutes. Pelvis lift exercises are good for those who are suffering from lower back pain, this exercise is great to get flatter abs, as it tightens and strengthens your abdominal muscles. Pelvic lift exercise is safe and effective for pregnant women to get relief from back pain.

What are forward bends good for?

Forward bend or standing forward bend exercises are great to strengthen your spine and lower body muscles. It is also called Uttanasana. It also increases the flexibility of your spine and helps to stretch hamstrings and hip muscles. It helps to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and stress levels.

What muscles do forward bend work with?

Forward bend exercise mainly targets lower back muscles and hamstrings, calves, and hip muscles. Though it stretches our full back muscles from head to heels.

How long should you do wall stretch?

One should do wall stretches for at least 30 seconds each day.

What are the benefits of stretching your spine?

Spine stretch can reduce the risks of back injury, it helps to reduce the tension in your back muscles. Reduce back pain and increase flexibility in your spine.

What exercises elongate your spine?

Many exercises can increase flexibility in your body and also improves your spinal health, like Cobra stretch, Forward bend, Wall Stretch, Forward spine stretch, etc.

How long should I jump rope for a good workout?

You should do jumping rope exercises for 15-20 minutes a day to get a good workout. You can take a rest in between, for beginners it won’t be easy to do it in one session, they should split it into 2-3 sessions, and take some rest in between.

What are the benefits of hanging?

Hanging exercises helps to improve grip strength, it also strengthens your arm muscles and helps to stretch out your spine. It can also provide relief from back and shoulder pain.

What are the benefits of Adho Mukha Svanasana?

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward dog pose helps to strengthen your leg muscles, as well as your shoulder and arms, reduce anxiety and stress levels also gives relief from lower back pain.

What is the bird dog exercise good for?

Bird dog exercise mainly targets our abdominal, glutes, thighs, and back muscles, it helps to strengthen your core, promotes stability and good posture, and gives relieves lower back pain.

What muscles does low lunge work?

Low lung exercise works on your hamstring and glutes, it stretches your hip muscles and strengthens your knees.

How many Surya Namaskar a day?

You can start with 5 cycles of Surya Namaskar a day, and can eventually increase the number to 10 cycles per day.

Is cycling a muscle strengthening exercise?

Cycling mainly strengthens your lower body muscles, it helps to stretch and strengthen your legs. The other target muscles of cycling exercise are the hamstrings, calves, and glutes.