What does corona mean? Immunity booster drink-fight with disease

Immunity booster Drink 丨 Corona meaning 丨 Fight with Corona

Immunity booster Drink 丨 Corona meaning 丨 Fight with Corona
Boost Immunity

Corona Meaning :

Corona word is used to mention a group of a virus. This virus causes disease like MERS, COVID-19, SARS.
Corona is a Latin word. “Corona " means crown. This meaning has come from the ancient language. This virus has an appearance of a crown when its examined with an electron microscope.

COVID-19: ‘COVID-19’ name came from the WHO. ‘CO’ stands for corona. ‘VI’ is for the virus.‘D’ is for the disease. ‘19’ stands for the year 2019, this year this disease appeared first in China.


Till now, we don’t have any vaccine for coronavirus but, don’t get afraid of that. Your body has enough power to fight with that virus. Our body has an immune system that is very much powerful also easily can fight with coronavirus. But our unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits make our immune system weaker and make you sick. But you can boost your immunity system by the following methods.

Immunity booster :

 Immunity is a defence system of our body that helps us to fight with germs. But immunity gets weaker with our age. But it also became weaker by our lifestyle, by our unhealthy food diet, by our unhealthy habits. For these reasons we often get sick. 

But we can boost our immunity by good food diet or immunity booster supplements, immunity booster drinks. There are many types of immunity booster drinks in the market. Let us discuss that -

Immunity power -

Immunity is a defence system of our body which helps us to fight with many types of virus, pathogens, bacteria and many types of germs. It helps to keep us healthy.

 Another way you can say immunity is a condition that is able to resist any kind of harmful thing which can make us ill.

You can't face any health issue as long as your immune system works perfectly. You can boost your immune system to prevent any kind of disease. As we became older, our immune system also became weaker. But still, we can boost our immune system.

There are 3types of immunity in your body.
They are - 
1. Innate immunity
2. Adaptive immunity
3. Passive immunity

Immunity against viruses :

Innate immunity - It is the initial stage of defending any kind of antigen that comes to our body. It also called natural or adaptive immunity. When an antigen comes to our body, this immunity immediately comes into action or within an hour. It involves barriers to prevent the entering of any kind of antigen to our body. Examples of innate immunity are that,

Innate immunity
Innate immunity

1. Skin, 2. Stomach acid, 3. Mucus, which use to stuck bacteria and other germs.

Adaptive immunity - This immunity is also known as acquired immunity. If innate immunity gets failed to kill antigen then adaptive immunity comes in action. It takes 4 to 7days to come in action after failing of innate immunity. It takes longer to do an action but it can kill any germs more accurately and effectively. 

But it's not easy to call full adaptive immunity to come in action. The body needs to produce a group of chemical messengers which is called cytokines to call full adaptive immunity into action.

Passive Immunity -

When we use anti-bodies to fight with germs, which is not produced by our body in that case this immunity is called passive immunity. As an example, a newborn baby or an infant needs antibodies that are provided by the mothers breast milk or placenta. 

Because newborn babies need antibodies. A vaccine is also given passive immunity by providing antibodies, made by animals or humans.

Immunity system
Immunity system

mmunity booster drink -

All of these drinks are made of healthy vegetables and fruits. These vegetables and fruits are enriched with many types of vitamins and minerals. Mango has calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium and many more minerals.

 Pumpkin is rich with vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Berries help to protect us from cancer, it also helps to decrease cholesterol level. Avocado is full of Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. Its also loaded with fibers. It can help you to low your Triglyceride Levels

 FLax seeds are rich in nutrients, good quality protein, and dietary fiber. Flax seeds are full of omega-3 fat, it is a good source of lignans that can reduce the risk of cancer.

Flax seeds also help you to reduce blood pressure. Almonds contain lots of nutrients. It also contains fiber, protein, healthy fat, vitamin E, etc. It also helps you to do weight loss.  

List of immunity booster drinks -

  • Mango-ginger smoothie
  • Berry flax smoothie
  • Berries protein smoothie
  • Green shot
  • Cinnamon almond smoothie
  • Pumpkin smoothie
  • Cucumber avocado smoothie
  • Low carb golden milk smoothie.

Smoothie recipes

For the recipe of immunity booster drinks, check this.

Immunity booster supplements :

There are 3 vitamins which help to make your immunity strong. A strong immunity can prevent you from getting sick. You can boost your immunity with the help of fruits or vegetables but you also can boost your immunity with the help of immunity booster supplements.
Immunity booster supplements
3 vitamins are Vitamin C, vitamin B-6, VITAMIN E. Vitamin C makes a vital role to boost your immune system. Vitamin B-6 supports in bio-chemical function in the immunity system and vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidants which helps your body to fight with any infection.

Many vitamin supplements are available in the market, but there is no proof that supplements can boost your immunity. But if you have vitamin deficiency then you can take these vitamin supplements by doctor's prescription. 

 Some times overdose of vitamin supplements can damage your kidney. It is good for you to take fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity.

Garlic, turmeric, oregano, shiitake mushroom, cayenne, cinnamon, guavas and broccoli, and many more vegetables can help you to boost your immunity. More vegetables are garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, broccoli, etc.

Natural way to boost your immunity system :

Immunity booster Drink 丨 Corona meaning 丨 Fight with Corona

  • Eating a good diet which has more fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t do smoking.
  • Keep doing exercise regularly and maintain your weight.
  • Get enough sleep like more than 7 hours a day.
  • Eat enough citrus food.

List of immunity booster foods

V E G E T A B L E S :


F R U I T S :

  • KIWI.
  • GUAVA.

N U T S:

  •    WALNUTS.


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