Bread Pizza Recipe । Bread pizza at home using tawa or oven.

Bread Pizza Recipe । Bread pizza at home using tawa or oven.  

Bread pizza
Bread pizza

Bread pizza:-

Craving for pizza but don't have that much time?
or you don't have an oven or you think bread made by yeasts is too much time taking and difficult to make! then no issues this recipe is just for you.
Make tasty pizza very easily just by using bread it's simple as well as a tasty alternative of real pizza. Of course, it doesn't taste similar to a real pizza but still, it tastes delicious.

You even do not need to have an oven to make it, it's can be easily made on a stove, using a pan.
You can serve it to children anytime, and it can be made in an oven or in a pan as well. it's great and easy to make party snack and their ingredients are also widely available.
you can use any kind of bread in it. It should be sliced and any kind of cheese can be used you can use mozzarella cheese or cheddar cheese or feta cheese or any kind of cheese of your choice can be used as the topping.
I have given step by step instructions about how to prepare it, and given all the options of ingredients, you can use. Also, the exact time which you would need to prepare a bread pizza is given here. Follow this step by step method and easily make bread pizza at home and enjoy with your family and friends.

About the toppings:-

Pizza sauce:-

Pizza sauce is a tomato-based sauce which tastes sweet and savoury, this sauce has garlic, herbs and some spices. It's actually an Italian thick sauce which is spread on the bread as a base for the toppings before baking the pizza.
Pizza sauce
Pizza sauce
You can make pizza sauce at home or can buy it from the market as well. The easy alternative of using a pizza sauce is using any kind of tomato sauce or ketchup. You just need to add some ingredients in it like some red chilli sauce or schezwan sauce add some red chilli flakes and your sweet and savoury pizza sauce is ready.


There are a lot of toppings which goes into a pizza, but somehow cheese is the most popular topping among all of them. There are many types of cheese among them the most popular cheese which are used on pizzas are mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, which gives the pizza looks delicious and enhance its test also. But you can also use any processed cheese or sliced or cubed cheese which is available to you would be great for your pizza.

Mozzarella cheese
Mozzarella cheese


After cheese the main thing which makes the pizza so much colourful and flavorful are veggies. So the most available pizza toppings are red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. If you have at least 2 of these you are good to go. What you need to do is just chop the veggies and add on top of your pizza. Other than what you can add are baby corn, black olives, jalapeno, spinach, pineapple etc.

Veggie toppings
Veggie toppings

Bread Pakora Recipe Ι Step by Step method

Bread pakora
Bread pakora

It's delicious and famous street food, especially in North India, you can found it all over at Mumbai streets. It's a good option for tea time snack, or you can serve it as a party snack. It's very crispy and stuffed with yummy potato filling, the bread slices are stuffed with spiced mashed potato then coated….. Click here for full recipes.



In non-veg again you have so many options which are available to add on your pizza. You can add sausages, pepperoni, bacon, eggs, and even shrimps Also.

But here we are using just veggies and cheese as topping for our bread pizza cause it's enough to make it easy and simple and of course very tasty.

So here I am putting step by step information and using the measurement with which you can make 4 slices of bread pizza. The quantity of the ingredients absolutely depends on how much quantity you are making.

The exact time which is required to make bread pizza-

Preparation:- 5 minutes
Cook time:- 10 minutes
Total time:- 15 minutes
Serving:- 4 slices


1. 4 slices of white/ brown bread
2. Mozzarella cheese 100 g ( grated)
3. Chopped veggies ( onions, tomatoes, bell pepper)
4. Oregano ½ tsp
5. Chilli flakes ½ tsp
6. Mixed herbs ½ tsp ( optional)
7. Tomato sauce 4 tsp
8. Salt
9. Black pepper powder


Bread pizza at home :

• If you are making this pizza in the oven then first preheat your oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Or if you are using stove then preheat a pan for 10-12 minutes on a medium-low flame. In this time prepare your toppings.
• Now take a bowl and add all the chopped veggies in it ( chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, Chopped bell peppers) you can add mushrooms, jalapeno, black olives, or spinach. Now add salt and black pepper powder to taste, and add ½ tsp of Italian herbs ( chilli flakes, oregano, mixed herbs)
these are easily available in supermarkets. And mix everything well

• Now if you don't have pizza sauce you can just use tomatoes sauce, you can mix it with schezwan sauce or chili garlic sauce with it and some chili flakes, to give a savory taste and smell, and mix everything well. Or you can buy ready-made pizza sauce from the market as well.
Chili Flakes
Chili Flakes

• Now take the bread slices, now spread the sauce on top of the bread slices, don't put too much sauce, cause normal bread slices aren't as thick as actual pizza dough. After applying the sauce now spread the veggie mixture on the bread now layer the grated cheese on the veggies properly.

Sliced bread
Sliced Bread

Bread pizza on the oven :

• If you are using oven take a baking tray and place the bread slices on it, and then place the tray into the preheated oven (180°C for 15-20 minutes). And bake for 10-12 minutes at 180°C.

Bread pizza on tawa or stove :

Bread pizza
Bread pizza

• You can also make it on a pan using a stove. Just preheat the pan for 10-15 minutes on a medium-low flame, and then add 1 tsp of oil or use can use a little bit of butter, spread it on the pan then place the bread slices in it, using oil or butter is totally optional, now cover the pan and allow to cook for 12-15 minutes on a low flame.

• After 15 minutes open the pan and the cheese would be perfectly melting and your bread would be nicely browned and crispy, and your bread pizza is ready to serve.

It is one of the ways of using toppings in your bread pizza, another one is-
• You can use cubed veggies, just spread the sauce on the bread then add cubed onions, bell pepper, and tomatoes, or pieces of olives or pieces of mushroom


on it and then spread the grated cheese on top of it. Then sprinkle some chili flakes, oregano and mixed herbs on top of it, and add some salt to taste.

• If you want non-veg toppings that are can be
also added. You need to just fry some chicken pieces or grill them and then add those as topping on your pizza bread.

• Or you can add eggs also, just stir some eggs with some salt and pepper, make some scrambled eggs and then add on top of your bread then add grated cheese.

• In this way, you can also add pepperoni, sausages, bacon or any other non-veg toppings of your choice.

Although bread pizza is quite healthy and it doesn't have too many carbohydrates and fat. Here we aren't using any oil and a real pizza dough has many more carbs than a bread slice, and the veggies which are used here are also very healthy. To make it healthier you can use brown bread or whole grain bread, using spinach and mushroom are also a great option to make it healthier.

Macro Nutrients of 1 slice of bread :

Macro Nutrients

1 slice of bread pizza has a net-

1. 15.8 g carbs
2. 2.4 g fat
3. 4.9 g protein
4. 103 calories
5. 3.2 g Fiber

Nothing can beat the taste of real pizza but bread pizza is an easy alternative that you can prepare in just 15-20 minutes and can serve it, it tastes awesome. Have it with your family and friends, they will love it.

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