Oat smoothie recipe 丨 Oat smoothie at home.

Oat smoothie recipe. Oats smoothie at home.

Oat smoothie
Oat smoothie 

Oat smoothie-

Oats are loaded with vitamins minerals and antioxidants, oats are high in fibre and low in carbs and a good option for weight loss. As it lowers cholesterol level and improves blood sugar level, and many other benefits oats are considered as a very healthy food.
There are many ways how you can eat oats,
Plain oats can be eaten as cereal with milk, these are the whole grains which are steamed and flattened then dried, or you can have it as a snack, you can add it in any backed food to consume more fiber.
You can cook it like khichdi or pulao, for that you can use quick oats, they are easily available in markets, these are cooked, dried and rolled thin to cook faster.
You can use instant oats also which are cooked, dried and then being cut and rolled, these aren't that much healthier cause this cooked oat consist of sugar and salt which isn't good always. We have given 5 oats smoothie recipes in below, follow them and make them at home.

oat smoothie for weight loss :

 Oatmeals are rich with fiber . That's why oatmeal is good for your digestive system and for weight loss, you need that food which is high in protein and low in calories. Oatmeals are a good choice for weight loss food cause oats to take more time than other food to digest. A little number of oats are good for dinner cause it makes you fill longer. That's why it takes more calories to digest oats which leads you to lose fat. It also helps you to control your cholesterol level and helps you to maintain your heart health. These oatmeal smoothies are also a good choice for your health cause its have many types of food in it. All of these fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals. We have listed 5 oats smoothie in below and we also add macronutrients with it.

Oat Smoothie Recipe List :

       1. Banana oat smoothie

2. Refreshing Watermelon smoothie

3. Green oat smoothie

4. Orange oat smoothie

5. Apple oat smoothie

Oat used for the smoothie:-

For oat smoothie, you first have to soak the oats overnight, or soak 3-4 hrs before use, if you want you can use roasted oats or plain oats. Plain oats are better, it doesn't have any added flavours, it has more fiber which gives a good texture and it's very healthy.

1 cup Soaked oat have-

• 240 calories
• 34.9 g carbs
• 7.7 g fat
• 2.8 g fibre
• 8.0 g protein

Banana oat smoothie

Banana oats smoothie
Banana oats smoothie


1. 1 banana (medium size)
2. 1 tsp peanut butter
3. 3-4 tsp soaked oats
4. 1 tsp chia seeds
5. ½ tsp cocoa powder
6. 50 ml Almond milk/ coconut milk

You need to blend everything well for your healthy banana oat smoothie. Banana Has several nutrients, it's a healthy source of fiber, which helps in weight loss and digestion, it has potassium and magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C.
peanut butter is high in protein but it is also high in fat and calories so I prefer not to use it too much.
chia seeds are loaded with nutrients it has healthy protein, it's good for digestion, and decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
cocoa powder has many antioxidants it helps to improve your blood sugar and cholesterol level.
Almond milk is low in calories, it also has many antioxidants, gives a nutty flavor, it's rich in calcium, People who are allergic to dietary products can use almond milk as a healthy alternative. Coconut milk can also be used.

Macro Nutrients:

Banana oat smoothie macro nutrient

Banana oat smoothie has a net-

1. 25.4 g carbs
2. 7.5 g fat
3. 5.1 g protein
4. 185 calories

Refreshing Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon oats smoothie
Watermelon oats smoothie


1. 1 cup watermelon
2. ½ cup cucumber
3. 1 tsp chia seeds
4. 3-4 tsp soaked oats
5. 50 ml of coconut milk

Blend everything in a blender for a refreshing and healthy oat smoothie.
watermelons are naturally very refreshing and it is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A. It's very low in calories and keeps you hydrated as it has high water content. It's good for your heart health.
Cucumbers are also very refreshing and have lots of water in it which helps to lose weight. It has high water content too, that's why it keeps you full for a long time.
chia seeds are loaded with nutrients it has healthy protein. it's good for digestion and decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
You can use plain water or 50 ml of coconut milk in this smoothie, coconut milk gives a thick consistency and a creamy texture, it has several vitamins and minerals.
But it's very high in calories and fat so you can add water instead.

Macro Nutrients:

Watermelon oats smoothie-macro nutrient

Watermelon oat smoothie has a net-

1. 20.6 g carbs
2. 3.4 g fat
3. 3.8 g protein
4. 123 calories

Green oat smoothie

Green oat smoothie

Green oat smoothie


1. 1 cup spinach
2. 2-3 basil leaves
3. 1 cup sliced mango
4. 3-4 tsp soaked oats
5. 50 ml low-fat milk/ ½ cup yogurt

Oat Are gluten-free and a good source of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants.
Spinach is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, it helps to reduce blood pressure level, improves bone health, it's a great source of iron, it's very low in carbs and full of fibres. Spinach is very good for eye health.
Mango can be used as a healthy alternative of artificial sweetener, it has many essential vitamins, it has dietary fibres and helps indigestion. In summer season mangoes are widely available in the market.
2-3 basil leaves give a refreshing taste in it, it's also good for digestion and basil has many health benefits.
You can add yogurt it will make the smoothie more creamy, yogurt contains beneficial bacteria and it is rich in protein and low in carbs, or any low-fat milk is also a good option for your healthy green smoothie.

Macro Nutrients :

Green oat smoothie macro nutrient


Green oat smoothie has a net

1. 29.2 g carbs
2. 7.8 g fat
3. 9.2 g protein
4. 220 calories


smoothie recipes

Step by step method. Easily make at home. A lot of health drinks choices for you. Check this.


Orange oat smoothie

Orange oats smoothie
Orange oats smoothie


1. 1 medium-size carrot ( chopped)
2. 1 cup homemade orange juice
3. 1 tsp honey
4. 3-4 tsp Soaked oats
5. 1 tsp chia seeds
6. 1 cup plain water

It's very healthy and refreshing. Carrots are rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. It's very nutritious, it reduces cholesterol level, it's very weight loss friendly. Carrots give a crunchy taste, it's a good source of beta carotene, which is very beneficial for eye health. Beta carotene is the reason for the bright orange color in carrots, it's actually an antioxidant that converts into vitamin A in our body.
Oranges are a great source of fibre , vitamins, and antioxidants, it's a good source of vitamin C. Homemade orange juice are always much better than the market ones, those have many preservatives or added sugar which isn't good for health.
chia seeds are loaded with nutrients it has healthy protein. It has so many health benefits and helps to lose weight. You can skip using the honey if you do not want to make your smoothie a little sweet.

Macro Nutrients:

Orange oats smoothie macro nutrients

Orangey oat smoothie has a net

1. 35.9 g carbs
2. 3.4 g fat
3. 4.0 g protein
4. 190 calories

Apple oat smoothie

Apple pie oats smoothie
Apple pie oats smoothie


1. 1 cup chopped apple
2. 3-4 tsp soaked oats
3. 1 tsp Flax seeds
4. 3-4 Soaked almonds
5. 1 tsp cinnamon powder
6. 1 tsp honey
7. ½ cup of water

Apple helps to reduce belly fat, it's rich in dietary fiber and keeps you full call a long time, I prefer you not to peel off the skin of the Apple it has high fibers.
Oats are very low in calories, it helps in digestion and does not reduce your blood sugar.
Flax seeds have fat-burning compounds, almonds help lose abdominal fat it keeps you full for a long time, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol and it goes very well with apple.
You can use any sweetener with this, for oats smoothie using honey is a good option. Cinnamon gives a distinct smell and flavour, it is loaded with antioxidants and has many medicinal benefits.
Blend everything well in a blender with half a cup of water. Your Apple cinnamon oats smoothie is absolutely ready.

Macro Nutrients:

Apple pie oats smoothie macro nutrients

Apple oat smoothie has a net

1. 41.9 g carbs
2. 6 g fat
3. 3.8 g protein
4. 232 calories

That's all 5 smoothie recipes. If you want more, check our other smoothie recipes. Thank you.

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