How to make caramel bread pudding without oven

  Caramel bread pudding recipe without oven:

Caramel bread pudding
Caramel bread pudding

Do you also have a big sweet tooth like me? And lockdown days are making you sad, cause eventually maximum shops are closed now and you can't get everything you actually want. That's the exact situation I am having now, it's really being very difficult for foodies nowadays, isn't it!
Although now we all need to be fit also to boost our immunity, so too much calorie intake isn't good at all.

Therefore I had a great idea today to make a yummy sweet dish at home, which is very easy to make and most of the ingredients are also very easy to get, it isn't unhealthy and you enjoy it with your family, even kids will also enjoy it very much.

Today am gonna make bread pudding.  You get eggless caramel bread pudding and caramel bread pudding with egg, both. Easily learn how to make caramel bread pudding without oven.
Bread pudding is actually a traditional European sweet dish, which is made by the bread of course, which also contains cream or milk, eggs, sugar or honey, sometimes Syrup, it also contains dry fruits and spices like cinnamon or vanilla extract, etc.

In this European dish, cubed bread is used and baked, it looks more like a cake that contains bread.
But the bread pudding which we gonna make today is an Indian style bread pudding, which is also called caramel bread pudding or classic bread pudding, which can eggless, and you can use an oven to bake it or you can make it without oven as well.

You don't need too many ingredients, it's simple and easy and delicious too.
It's a great dish for summer, and you can serve it as a dessert also. If you have some leftover bread in your fridge that's enough to make a sweet dessert which is so yummy, even you can serve it in any occasion, it's a smooth and creamy texture and sweet taste can make anyone happy and will fulfil your craving for sweets.

You can make it with eggs or eggless, you can bake it in an oven or can steam it. Am gonna describe everything below in steps, please follow every step properly and try it at home, and Don't forget to share your experience with us.

About the ingredients:-

Bread pudding requires 4-5 ingredients, mainly bread, milk, eggs, sugar, and water which are very easy to get. If you're making it eggless then you'll need custard powder instead of eggs.
Bread slices
Bread slices
You can make it using any kind of bread white or brown bread. You can use white or brown sugar to make the caramel sauce, although it's a very easy dish full of deliciousness.

The exact time you need:-

• Prepare- 20 minutes• Steam- 30 minutes• Total - 50-55 minutes• Serve- 4-5 person

Caramel bread pudding eggless and without oven:-


• For Caramel Sauce:-

1. Suger ¼ cup2. Butter (optional)

• For the pudding:-

1. Bread slices 4-52. Custard Powder 4 tsp3. Water ½ cup4. Milk 2 cup5. Suger ½ cup


To prepare caramel sauce-

• First, take a pan and add ¼ cup of sugar, then wait until it melts, if it gets too much thick you can add 1 tsp of butter to give it a glossiness when the sugar is
Caramel sauce
Caramel sauce
completely melted stir it a little bit and then put it in the bowl in which you gonna steam the pudding. Make a layer by spreading it properly on the surface of the bowl. Then leave it.

To prepare bread pudding-

• Take 4-5 slices of any bread you like, you can cut the edges of the bread or can leave it, then cut the bread slices into little cubes, after that add all the cubes into a grinder and make bread crumbs, the bread crumbs need to be finely grinded so that it can give the pudding a nice smooth texture.

• The take a bowl and add 4 tsp of custard powder then add ½ cup of normal water. Mix it well until it gets smooth, no clots should be there in the mixture.
Custard powder
Custard powder

• Take a pan and add 2 cups of milk in it, then add ½ cup of sugar, then stir well and allow it to boil on medium-low flame. When the milk starts boiling add the custard mixture in it and

again stir gently and mix everything well until it starts getting thicker. You can add any spices like cinnamon powder or cardamom powder (½ tsp), or vanilla essence (2-3 drops) if you like.

• Now when the mixture is thicker lower the flame and add the bread crumbs, and when you adding it keep stirring the milk.

I prefer you to add 2tsp at a time and stir and then add another 2 tsp of bread crumbs. In this way add all the bread crumbs you made and the again keep stirring everything well.

• When the mixture is nice and creamy now turn off the flame and add the pudding mixture into the bowl on top of the caramel sauce ( caramel sauce should be set before you pour the mixture on top of it). Then using a spoon make the surface even of the pudding and then cover the bowl with a foil paper or you can cover it with any heavy utensils also.

Steaming process-

• Now put 2 cup water into a pressure cooker and when it heats up the place a stand into it, then place the bowl of your pudding on the stand and cover the pressure cooker. You need to cook it for at least 25-30 minutes on a medium-low flame.

• Then open the cooker and open the cover of the bowl, you need to check if it's nicely steamed or not, so you can insert a toothpick or a knife if it comes out clean then your pudding is ready. But if it's not done then cover it again and cook for another 5-10 minutes on a low flame.

• You can steam the pudding using a pan also which has an airtight lid, and the cooking process is also the same as the pressure cooker.

• When your pudding completely steamed leave it in room temperature, and if you want to have it cold then put it into the fridge after it cools down for 10-20 minutes. Then place a plat on the bowl and nicely turn it upside down. And slowly take it out of the bowl. It would look awesome and delicious.


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Caramel bread pudding with egg :

Caramel bread pudding
Caramel bread pudding


• For Caramel Sauce:-

1. Sugar ¼ cup2. Butter (optional)

• For the pudding:-

1. Bread slices 4-52. Eggs 23. Cinnamon powder ½ tsp4. Or vanilla essence 2-3 drops5. Milk 2 cup6. Suger ½ cup


*Preparation of Caramel sauce and the steaming process is the same as the previous one, so I am not repeating it here again.

To prepare pudding with eggs:-

• Take 2 cups of previously boiled milk in a blender, then add 4-5 cubed or chopped bread into it, again you can cut the edges or can leave it as well. Then add 2 raw eggs into it, add ½ cup sugar, 3-4 drops to vanilla essence. And now blender everything properly.

• After that strain the mixture property into a strainer to get a smooth and nice pudding. Then add the pudding mixture into the bowl on top of the caramel sauce, the sauce should be set before you pour the mixture on top of it. And then cover the bowl and steam it.
• All instructions for steaming is given in the previous one.

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About the Nutrients in caramel bread pudding:-

Nutrients in bread pudding
Nutrients in bread pudding

Caramel bread pudding is a quite famous Indian dessert, which tastes awesome but somehow it isn't that healthy to cause it requires quite a lot of sugar and the other ingredients like special bread have high calories and carbs, custard powder in eggs ate also very high in calories so you should have it more than 1 slice. A whole Caramel bread pudding has almost 1180 calories, and if you make it without eggs it contains almost 980 calories and 165 g carbs.

I am giving the exact calorie count of 1 slice of bread pudding below.

Nutrients in Caramel bread pudding (1 slice):-

  • 7.8 g protein
  • 28.3 g carbs
  • 7.3 g fat
  • 1.4 g fiber
  • 207 calories

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