Simple & Easy Chicken Biriyani

 Simple and easy chicken biriyani

Simple & Easy Chicken Biriyani
Simple & Easy Chicken Biriyani

Simple & Easy Chicken Biriyani is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. By this recipe, you can easily make biriyani at home & enjoy this dish on some special occasion or any day.  This dish is especially popular throughout the Indian subcontinent.


• Big pieces of chicken
• Potatoes
• Long grain basmati rice
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Ghee
• Garam masala (cinnamon, cloves, peppercorn, mace, cardamom, star anise)
• Yogurt
• Ginger garlic paste
• Turmeric powder
• Red chilli powder
• Chopped tomatoes
• Fried onions,
• Biriyani masala

1st step :

1. Add ghee in a pan, then add garam masalas, add peeled big pieces of potatoes in it and then stir until it gets nice and brown.

2. Take chicken pieces in a bowl add some yogurt, ginger garlic paste, some salt, turmeric powder red chilli powder, fried onions, and chopped tomatoes, then mix well.

3. Add the mix of chicken in the pan on the potatoes and give it a nice mix then put some water and cover the pan and cook it in a medium flame.

2nd step:

1. Add ghee in a pan along with a little bit of oil, once the oil heats up to add some garam masalas, then add some water, and some salt, wait for the water to boil.

Basmati Rice for Biriyani
Basmati Rice for Biriyani

3rd Step:

1. Check the chicken then add 2 hard-boiled eggs in it, then add the rice on the top of the chicken (you should never press the rice of the biriyani, just move the rice and make sure it's nice and even) then add some biriyani masala on the rice and spread some ghee on the rice, then cover the pan.

2. Place it on a high flame for 8 minutes and on a low flame for exactly 2 minutes.

3. After exactly 10 minutes mix the rice well and your biriyani is ready to serve. You can garnish it chopped coriander or mint leaves, and fried onions.

Chicken biriyani image
Chicken biriyani image